cuncta fluunt

The night throws itself far into space.
Stars crash through darkness past the sharp-edged moon
pulling space down to enter through open windows,
looped in the mirrored glass, black and glistening,
until sleep drowns silent noises of breaking,
only guessed in violent dreams till the early morning.
Then iridescence all over, meadows like new, the wind
bends the tall grasses swaying waves in an emerald
shining sea, star-shaped flowers float up
to the sky, absorbing the sunlight.
Soon they will wither in the midday heat, ducking,
when the first autumn winds rip out their petals.
Rain clouds appear out of nowhere, play hide-and-seek
with high circling birds and dissolve as camouflage.
At dusk all things disappear, when the shadows
overcome light and sink underneath the foundations,
deep down into dreamland, like so many remnants before.
The soft ground is giving way, trees and bushes tremble
in anticipation, while the stones cry out
for whatever is approaching.

© Yutka 2018
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3 Comments on "Dreamland"

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2 complete poems here, or could be if so formatted. both strong but the first stanza is especially nice. you have an attractive relationship with the world, and with words.


i said “could be if so formatted.” yes, i see a connection, just think the first stanza is the better of the two and able to stand alone.

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