I do not wonder which figure

They see first. “I am a summer kid,

What about you?” “Autumn.”

Suddenly I sound melancholic.

“Excuse me, are we talking about the same thing?”


But I am not, his eyes waiting

For more, smiling as if at his

Seductress. “Well, b-bye!” I stutter

(which I normally don’t.)

Felt an unspoken question

Overshadowing a male not in his prime

That would have liked to hear

Something else from a female not in her prime,

Walking away in a mist of indefinable,

Maybe mutual hopes. “Maybe?”

I ask my dog twice, the second time less agog.


© ifyouplease 2019
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pretty good. line-by-line fashioned, clearly, cleanly. faithfully portrays a moment, a moment of realization on her part, first stirrings, first questionings, first understandings.

not your usual style, very effective. good poem.


Hi Nic,
A bold poem that resonates with many things. Our ability to attract as in our youth (I am a good bit older than you! ) and also moments in time. Crossroads, opportunities taken or refused through myriad reasons.
I am Autumn although born in June. I love to think of the dance of life and the many different roads we choose.
There is a gentle melancholoy in this poem that goes way beyond the content.
Alison xx

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