Baa! Baa! White Sheep, Have you any Cool?

You suburban kids who flash around in falsetto stripes

with your shoulders back and forth like gutter ghettosnipes

as bold as packs of couscous, booming great stereotypes,

down Conifer Cul-de-Sac, you summer-in-Sorrento types,

what’s this fighting posse-speak, this sinister sermon-slurring?

You’ve got white rosy cheeks like Reichsminister Hermann Göring

but kiss your teeth, “Don’t diss me, chief, is it cos I is blond?

Or cos I has a patio, some French doors and a pond?”


Baa! Baa! White sheep, have you any cool?

Yes, sir! A Bangladeshi sweatshop full!


But those whose stock is out of stock, who’d rather be Americans,

don’t shock me, they’re a flock, like flapping, waddling, worm-stuffed pelicans,

they’re from a herd of merchant bankers, what should I expect

except for them to prospect for gold, power-based respect?

These Home Counties homies in their backward baseball caps

who’d count a homely counter-culture as disgraceful crap

could not, and would not, point out Sheffield on a map

‘cause every inkling of their Englishness has shuffled down a gap.


Baad! Baad! White sheep, have you any cool?

Yes, sir! A blank-faced nation full.


Goodbye, Cockneys! Hello, Jafaican royal-highnesses

and Middle-Britain Wiggers in jeans that show your anuses,

believing Nike-swooshtikaed motherfriggers geniuses

and triggers make you bigger than politicians’ bonuses.

Rebels? Rebels? How do you confront the plutocratic juntas?

Draped in dollar signs and strutting up and down like Berkshire hunters,

mental runts, you’d only scrawl “I is da bomb” on the Berlin Wall

and “West Berlin Crew rules!” You drooling goons are rebels? Suck my tool.

Tories drip down into you in caviar and velvet,

liberals kneel before you for a flavour of your helmet.


Bang! Bang! White sheep, have you any cool?

Yes, sir! Three dead schoolboys full.





From “Disoccidented” by Alfie Shoyger:


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Fucking brilliant, and spot on!

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