The Taste Of Apples

The old house is different now

There are still small bones buried at the bottom of the garden. The grass has grown over them but the ground is uneven. The rose bush once grew strong and glorious nourished by their phosphorus. The pig pen is gone, replaced by a plastic swimming pool. The former chicken run now houses a bright red slide.

The old iron spiked fence has been exchanged for a wooden one. It still leaves one mark that won’t be erased – the scar it left on my thigh where I once climbed over it.

The apple tree is gone too but, when I close my eyes, I can still see it there and hear the soft sounds of birds and insects as I sat amongst the branches, the sun shaded by the leaves. The scent of apples comes to me too, tiny ones that were sharp and crisp, the ground littered with fallen ones where the birds feasted.

The house is very different. The small outhouse is no more, of course. No one now wants to go from the house to an outdoor toilet by the light of a flashlight. It was not only a toilet but a tool shed, and I recall the huge scythe dangling overhead from the rafters like my own personal Sword of Damocles.  

There’s an electric fire in place of the black iron range and in the corner where a large wood framed chair stood, there’s now a television. The walls are white, not stained from the heat of the open fire or the nicotine of his pipe. He would sit, long legs extended in front of the fire and crossed at the ankles, and eat hard yellow cheese with bread for supper. 

I walk outside and stop on the pavement. It’s a lovely day. The sun is out but there’s a pleasant breeze. I look around at the empty street, the closed doors, and remember it full of children playing, the old people standing on doorsteps gossiping, fathers kicking balls to sons and mothers calling that dinner is ready.

I shut the door and walk away from my great-grandfather’s house. Its’ time is past but my memories, still sharp as the remembered taste of apples on my tongue, go with me.

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Hi Gee,
I like the wistful nature of this story. It evokes the past without any overlaying gloss. Last paragraph is masterful. If you’ll forgive me for saying, you have a tendency to over-write when talking of position relative to things. One example: ‘I shut the door behind me and walk away from’. Behind me and away are readily assumed or alternatively have no relevence. ‘I shut the door and walk from my great-grandfather’s house.’ Leaner and meaner imho…
Great story though Gee.
Jim x


ah a pleasure to read
very good, very good…..!


I so enjoyed reading taste of apples, it conjured up so many of my own memories of my grandparents house from way back in the 1950s.

All your descriptions capture family time, of treasured adventures where children invent and discover their world.

Lovely piece.


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