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the absolute fiction is HERE. 

to Philip Dick, Her answer to his questions

There is an immaculate place without any matter and a dark matter place
These two are divided by a mirror
The immaculate place reflects its life and light so powerfully that a rainbow appears on the other side
Underneath the mirror so to speak
This rainbow is what you can call the spectrum of divinity in matter
In this rainbow worlds are created and lords of these worlds, and sparks of life and light come from the immaculate place like taking an elevator.
The mirror was placed like a veil by an immaculate being who had a wise plan that went awry
The rainbow is good emanating its qualities in dark matter which is prone to evil but basically it is neutral.
There would be no evil no good without the mirror, the veil
The immaculate being when things went awry took the same elevator and joined the order of the spectrum to rectify things
Her husband soon followed. They were Sophia and Christ.
Here already her son had done great harm to himself (she took the liberty of becoming – sorry I don’t like ‘getting’ not for a goddess at least – pregnant without her husband’s consent, and nobody knows why that’s why we say nobody understands women psyche) and the worlds the rainbow had naturally created, and nothing was immaculate anymore about the rainbow that needs the mirror to stay in its place in order to survive.
Good needs prone to evil neutrality in order to keep the mirror.
They need each other fighting or antagonizing and creating worlds
The worlds have been manipulated by Sophia’s son so that they can magnetize attract creatures from the immaculate place so as to become animated
Even Christ prefers to be here rather than his original birthplace.
Slowly but surely they all became as corrupt as the son of Sophia, who was born illegitimately.
And nobody knows fuck all anymore. Lucifer one of the first beings that took the elevator knew how fucked up things are.
The only solution he could think was to prove there is no hope and no place to return. Nobody was thinking straight anymore, he also started to think a bit weirder than usual for example he started liking the elevator being stuck full of sparks of life who thought “aw this is it?” he found it very funny.
That’s weird he thought. One day he decided to tempt the creatures newly animated perfect bodies named Adam and Eve, which were new to all these. Piece of cake. More fucked up shit is going to take place. He particularly liked spoiling Sophia’s son’s creations while Christ facepalmed himself. Lucifer thought he was a lousy artist and scientist. “So you think you can create?” He thought… “So you don’t listen to your mother? Okayyyyyyyyy. Let’s put things to test.”
Sophia’s son had a lovely place with everything working which he called Paradise. Until Adam and Eve. Anyway… Nobody goes there anymore it’s like a graveyard.
Okay so we have Christ who is Good 100 percent Sophia who is Good 99 or 101 percent her son who is 50 percent good fifty percent fucked up Lucifer who is 100 percent neutral and the rest of us
Who are 1000 percent oblivious of how fucked up things are. All of them need the mirror
Sophia in order to rectify things
Christ in order to perpetually prove how wonderful Good is
Lucifer for all the fun
Sophia’s son for making everybody’s life miserable in his name. Which could be Weirdo.


Problem is when you want to prove that good is so wonderful it must die, it has to suffer
In the hands of evil. Death is the only deal, and that’s dangerous, anyone during death has enough time to get rid of the mirror. The elevator works again when you’re dead. You go back. The white light.
So you need a bastard like Sophia’s son and a Lucifer, you probably need Sophia too, you yourself need to get in action, the fates various gods and goddesses with or without a plan, angels of course, animals plants sea and suns satellites and TV. And a hoover. And some cheese.
Everybody wants animated population so controlling who comes here and who goes back is important.
And humans, the only beings born with an internal mirror dividing both worlds in their hearts. Humans that took the elevator and are now stuck down here, if they don’t remove the mirror from their hearts they will never go back.
Problem is there is no authority from the immaculate place because nobody can retain his memory after he leaves there is no way to keep any memories of good or evil acts because you cannot be immaculate enough to enter the other place. You’re rejected. Blocked. So those who went back do not remember anything anymore they don’t know up there what’s going on down here. If they remove the mirror to check we disappear, they have done it and they saw nothing I suspect. Sophia placed it back because she knows I suspect. Everybody learned the trick by now.


End of story.
Hopefully I will tell you more about Paradise or Pleroma, the first is Sophia’s son realm the second it is Christ’s. The systems of incarnation, eternal recurrence reincarnation timelines parallel universes and all that shit.
Yeah man it can be wonderful for those unable to not fall in love with the Matrix, if you’re lucky enough to understand what’s going on and, ANDDDD GRIN AND BEAR IT.
(when the mirror/veil is removed everything is let’s say white immediately divine so to speak immaculate this place’s space is gone completely without the shadow this mirror creates get it? Stay tuned more explanations to come…)


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