My father

Going down old memory lane,
treading ancient streets of long ago,
where my father spent his boyhood
growing up in humble circumstances,
yet ideal under the circumstances,
suddenly his personality and image
grows so real and vivid,
as the best of friends,
with all his matchless sense of humour
and so full of powerful constructive energy
that he could never stop at anything
but constantly go on for wider journeys; –
Father, suddenly you are much closer
than you ever were alive,
as if the zone of timelessness
existed mainly to maintain and compensate
that closeness which could never reach perfection
in our mortal limitations.
You are there and still alive forever,
which I thankfully will testify,
remembering your face
that ever will continue shining in my memory
with all your generosity and kindness
in my mind forever.


© aurelio 2023
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I’m very happy for you, aurelio. Cheers àlbert


I wish my father had created such feelings in me. Excellent write.


I love the poem and the photo with it is perfect. You can see the humour and energy you describe so well. Such a lovely tribute to him.

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