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“Excuse me madam Cow can I have a word with you please?”
Yes Philip but as you can see…
“No quotation marks. I understand. OK.”
“Is it an offical apology?”
Yeah, whatever…
“I don’t know what’s wrong with you right now but I don’t have the luxury of pissing you right off. I have a question and you are the only person that can answer this question.”
You never have just a question dear Philip, you always have more thoughts you want to share.”
“A mark!
Use it, I don’t need it go ahead take it.
What is the question dear lad?
“Can you tell me in what kind of state I am when you don’t appear to write this story? I was about to enter a dream set after acquiring the last, unexpected organ in that totally fascinating compartment that you don’t use, an organ which I couldn’t get rid of but later proved essential. What happened? All I know is that ended up somewhere in the ear canal with five or six books by the same author and I was exhausted, carrying all these body parts and being chased wears you out pretty fast, especially when it’s the first time you not only have to be full of parts but also walk around, run up and down in surreal streets connecting dream sets and having sat in a compartment that bounced, where there are some kind of dimensions and the essence of some kind of gravity.”
Nobody chased you Philip, you went bananas and we, decided to force you to leave the dream sets immediately for your own safety.
“Why the ear canal?”
It was the mirror bot’s idea since I was not waking up. You took the books from a dream set, and yelled something do you remember what it was?
“No. Why can’t I remember?”
I don’t either. Oh well.
“”Excuse us for eavesdropping but we can answer this question.”” “”Yeah and we can even file an official report to the brain of the whole incidence.”” “”I don’t know guys remember we are on strike!””
“Give me my dick back and show me a bar.”
Mirror Cow Bot! I had no idea you want a dick. How sad…
“NO! that’s what Philip said after having left the dream set urgently going from Chamber to Chamber trying desperately to get rid of body parts that had stuck on him. He wanted no other organ but a dick. He was rather funny protecting his genitalia trying to amputate his legs and ripping his spine off. It’s also interesting that as soon as he thought of messing the entire brain with blood he ended up in a pool of imaginary but very vivid red blood and as soon as he thought that his newly acquired clothes will get soaked he got up and started running using all his persistent body parts. It was right then I had an idea, picked up all the books he had taken and gave him a strict order.”
What was it?
“Go to the ear canal and wait.”
“For some reason he obeyed, I left the books next to him later and left. I think he was unconscious by then. Haven’t seen him ever since. I had no idea that a voice would keep me busy like that and I think I may join the writing bots’ strike!”
Not so fast you little pests, Voice Philip is there anything else you want to ask?
No there isn’t. Go back to that lovely state of living without actually existing in a real sense, comfortably in a brain that doesn’t do drugs or drink alcohol and even avoids red meat. Count your blessings therefore and kindly shut up for another week.
“”And he’s gone”” “”There goes our first official Memo Originator.””
Why on earth are you still here? Go to wherever you can find me material for the next part. Mirror Bot, bring me the mirror in which we see the future disguised as present that just became past. And a freddo cappuccino. Move it, move it!




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