The Nine Rules of Original Free Verse Poetry

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rule number one
you must not think you write poetry but prose
rule number two
you must not think too much about the subject and allow the object of the subject to choose your artful lies
rule number three
the subject must always be the vaguest idea you have about yourself and your life
rule number four
subject and object can be opposite ideas and have opposite qualities that nobody not in his wildest dreams will be able to pinpoint
rule number five
you must follow your inclination to laziness and never finish the prose story at any cost and then you must follow your inclination to cunningly rephrase parts of the shitty piece so that it looks like a poem
rule number six 
add a sunset or a seagull if you have to, better not really, hmm maybe an exotically intellectual name of a person. yeah !
rule number seven
if it rhymes let it be incoherent and accidental.
rule number eight
if there is a haiku in the end you’re done and thankfully other cultures already called it a haibun.
rule number nine
do not add more rules.



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