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Hello again dear Reader Anyone,
Tonight it’s a very weird night. The crickets haven’t stopped and there is this smell of Death that drives me crazy.
“What smell?”
“Oh my God, can’t I just type without a voice sounding in my head?”
“I can go…”
“But I will be wondering all night about the smell…”
“Tell me which voice you are and I will contact you later.”
“You should have a voice identification installed somewhere in your brain woman!”
“You’re a male voice aren’t you? Listen to me motherfucker I can be a very rude bitch tonight. I may never speak to you again if you say one more word.”
Speaks to self “Definitely a male voice.”
“Oh so you accept your real voice but sent away the fictitious one, You’re a Cow!”

A huge volcanic eruption, make them two, one for each brain hemisphere, temporarily cuts communication between various voices and the raison d’être headquarters.

Moments later: *crickets*

“Now I must warn you all once and for all, you do not appear out of the blue, I was about to write a rather interesting email and you ruined it, if you continue with this shit, I will respond, with fire and fury like the world has never seen.”

Dear Reader Anyone, do you think there is a voice identification for brains, I need one pronto. But you are not supposed to reply, I think it may be you who are completely unreal. In a way it makes sense. I am writing to an unreal entity using fictitious voices. No, I don’t think it does. Does it? No.


Excuse me Reader, I will have to use some nukes now… Stay safe in the unreal world as the fictitious is about to pay the price for its insolence. MA(ggravation)GA! 

My dear Self, tonight we dine in hell! Does fiction smell like a corpse?



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