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never before the word Fuck! had such a tremendous effect on a writer, but who cares…

“So what you are saying to me is that it was shown to you we are nothing but the tailbone?”

“The question was specific, what are we and the answer was it, yes initially I thought this was the answer, but now I am not sure”

“Was it an answer that shocked you and surprised you or were you expecting some sort of a weird reply?”

“It was a surprise, totally unexpected, I had no idea whether there would be an answer, or not and I knew I had no time to try and guess. I also didn’t know what would happen, what means would be used to let me know what we are. What media. Would it be an image, which it was, or sound… would it be something like a vision or a dream… I had no idea and I didn’t care at all as I don’t necessarily believe in the voices in my head when they reply. I just don’t know my capacity to convince myself something is really taking place. And this is the real problem. For all of you.”

“This is something only the Anomaly would be afraid of, if it was a caring compassionate Anomaly. A too caring and too compassionate perhaps Anomaly. But you’re not.”

“Look mister Philip, there is no Anomaly if I say so. This is my story and you’re fictitious and you simply cannot call me an Anomaly without me having thought about it. Everything is normal here. You are just a figment of my imagination.”

“But you are currently convincing yourself that you continue with this story Email to A Reader. You do make something seem …possible. Right now, this very instant you add this part to the script having copied the story first to show it to one of your best friends now to share it with the world, as you can see right now you are on Ukauthors about to submit it… you are convincing yourself this is happening and it does… With every word you type… However you will start slowly not making any sense at all.”

“I will contradict myself then.”


“Ok let’s assume I am the Anomaly and that you really have something real in you something else speaks through you, such as my future Self. Are you my future Self?”

“I have no problem to be anything you want.”

“I have no idea how to speak to you and how the conversation will continue if you are then .. it is you who are writing about me, not me writing about you. The transition will be confusing. Are you my past self? Shoot!”

“I have no problem to be anything you want.”

“Fuck! Now what?” ………. who is silent now? who types? who is who? Bad time to run out of cigarettes, very bad time


tbc alas!

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