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caution:¬†incoherent reading material from absolutely fictitious channeling, what? you should ask yourself, what am I doing here reading this stuff… first part here —>

Email to A reader, CC Anyone.



“What is this place?”
He opened his bag and took a book out of it. He for the very first time in his afterlife averted his eyes.
“Do you mean you don’t know?”
“Who are you?”
He gave her the book which had his name on top of the title VALIS, since he was the author.
“Any more questions?”
“Yes and no. Who made the cover of this book and was it based on something you saw?”
“I’m afraid it is very irrelevant, it is what you saw I’m interested in, why don’t you tell us?”
“I have no time to investigate or interrogate or have anything to do with you or anyone and anything. What I saw has to do with the shape of this object but there was no pink light coming from it. Instead there was some sort of oily sweat, the object was organic and alive so to speak and of course it was not metallic and had nothing science fiction about it. You, americans really have a Roswell problem which is ridiculous.”
“I’m searching for clues, even now that I’m dead, maybe you can give me some clues.”
“Yeah, I will give you fucking clues if you want, clues interest me too. I will fucking reciprocate then.”
“I was almost meditating after hours of philosophizing something that is my daily life now. I do it constantly. Full time. Just before I fell asleep I asked my meditating personality what we are, and I heard a voice unknown to me, a voice in my head. Teasing in my opinion, serious, indifferent in its intention.
‘Do you really want to know?” that voice asked me
Needless to say all voices in my head know I’m not going to beg and I can soon start behaving rather impolitely with them. So this voice without further ado showed me a bone in the middle of chaos, the tailbone of the human body, which was sweating an oily stuff that was dripping and falling in vain into fucking nowhere exactly.
“My God!”
“Is it that lonely out there?”
“Yes, sir, it is the loneliest chaos you have ever imagined. Welcome to the Lonely Bone’s Territory.”
“And what about pink?”
“Ask your drug problem about pink. I do not do drugs.”
“You are drugs right?”
“I simply am”.
“You simply channel your future Self, perhaps..”
“Next time I will.”

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