Nose For Poetry

About his well-known protrusion! A much repeated oldie I’m afraid.


“O Cyrano!”
The words he recites
in such beautiful poetry
capture and enthral my heart,
sound as music
to the ear, oh,
he knows
he knows,
he knows
I refuse to accept his nos!
Though I love him,
why does he not appear?
Moving further
under the balcony
he thought yes,
she wants me to say “yes”.
I know,
she knows
I love her
in spite of my nos.
But, if I said yes,
would she offer compassion
if my love I would confess?
God knows
I’ll need it, when
she knows
my nose
my nos!
I will appear and say “yes!”
“Cor blimey!”

© Gothicman 2018
critique and comments welcome.

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Goth I will have to stop this early morning laughing, I was still laughing at Luigi’s poem – then I read this and now i’m on the floor. Mr Bergerac has a lot to answer for…


Falling aboot as they say! A very clever piece of writing and play on words.
It’s like someone having a Freudian slip (you will know all about that! ) and coming out with ‘nose’ from nowhere.
Talking of Freudian slips…. I once came out with the word ‘sex’ totally out of the blue, while having afternoon tea on a Sunday at my in laws. 🙁
It sure stopped the conversation for a bit.
HA xx


Crazy poet, Trevor. The poor girl may well have got a shock if his nose appeared well before the rest of him did. Great fun this poetry lark. Enjoyed that. By for now. Mick.


They say a man’s nose size is proportional to his penis so the lady should be living in joyful anticipation!
Great write good giggle!

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