Love is a two-faced witch!

In love: never so happy, never so vulnerable – reverted to normal layout




Love is a two-faced witch,
Nature’s rashly designed affliction;
becomes an irresistable force,
intensified by glance, gesture, touch,
aspires to reckless compulsion,
heeds not the warnings from scars,
overrules appeals by powerless sense,
deftly procures the primeval aim,
genetic fusion, mighty and supreme,
ecstatic beyond apprehension!
But, O Nature, when love declines,
plans from Eden so incomplete,
wretched heart knows no direction,
suffering in the wake of recall,
abandoned to despair and yearning,
helped not by distraction and instinct,
Nature, indifferent to its desertion,
moved not by desolation and pain,
suffered readily in its service;
sacrifice repeated, but loathed to bear,
new affliction only to relieve.








© Gothicman 2018
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Goth, I read this as question and answers very cleverly thought out. I was prompted to think of that very old saying. (If only I had known in my youth what I know now) I often wonder just how different things would be…

Love is a many splendoured thing…ahem. Yes, I agree entirely, she’s a right bitch from hell. 😉 I am really enjoying your creativity Trevor. This to me, can be read either way which makes it even more enthralling. We suffer through love but we know the highest pinnacles of pleasure and even other-worldy experience when it’s right. I love the thoughts of my hero Kahlil Gibran on love. Such sweet torture and one that we subject ourselves to willingly even although, as my dad used to say “It’s bound to end in tears” 🙁 In a world where it… Read more »

Ah, love… a million love songs and all that. Bob Dylan reckoned that love was just a four letter word. What’s that ‘readlity’ all about? I had to google it to make sure if it was actually a word or not. Did you mean ‘reality’? Interesting poem as ever. Regards, Mick.

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