Reluctant Motherhood

another one not receiving a card! An oldie.


During more thrills than spills,
at some moment
between hymen stretch
and menopausal flush,
she dropped an ungrateful child
by a sadistic painful affliction,
martyrised birth;
the outcome of alcoholic distraction
and depressive,
sixteenth-week indecision.
And later,
during leisurable time-outs
from chocolate cures
enduring cruel lunar cycles
on swooning couches,
and the masochistic cuts and thrust
of induced secondary gain
attributed to paternal failings,
she wrote love poems to Tom Jones
on flimsy lace panties,
which, due to a retiring daughter,
fell short of the stage.

© Gothicman 2018
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Really like your range, Trevor. Enjoyed very much.
Will take another look at the one I commented on last week. Good to see you are inspired and still inspiring!

Kim x

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