Closure By Slideshow

After attending a lecture where the destruction
of Victorian London by experimental architects
and ruthless property developers was patently
exposed; our old house was included



The Society’s retired architect
clicks his demolition finger
and Victorian houses flash by in sepia
Real estate’s exhumed remains
Behind float-glass reflections
prima facia images
rise as load-bearing beams, struts,
and ties in the innermost mausoleums
of childhood minds
Ancient brick becomes modern steel
desecrating axiomatic graves
without permission or objection
With all escape doors
to lower ground floors
irrevocably vandalised
and cupola heads
emotionally expurgated
suffers structural collapse
and closure in the interest of
mental safety

© Gothicman 2018
critique and comments welcome.

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I so enjoyed this heartfelt write, and here, I think your words fit pretty much perfectly to the experience. Well-written and somehow the poem re-enacts the act, if you know what I mean. Onomatopoeia noted, but it’s subtle (or in my imagination?). Is that a photo of your old home? Beautiful. I stayed in a lovely B&B in West Yorks at the weekend with all the old welded so well to the new, which is my favourite type of building. Loved this.

Kim x


‘Monstrous carbuncles; is what Prince Charles called modern buildings (back in the eighties, I think). Enjoyed the read, Trevor. Very good poetry as ever.


This is such an interesting poem (as are the following comments) Lovely picture – I hope you get the one of your own house. This is extremely well written and worthy of the nib
Eira x

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