A Precious Poet’s Loss Of Pathos

of necessity, even well-meaning acts of love are breaches of integrity


She lived in
the twilight world of Gods
off leaking incarnate spirituality
under the influence of mythical beings
Bible and moon steered her mood swings
Determined to achieve poetical posterity
she jumped from the motorway bridge
assuming on deadly tarmac impact
her soul would fly to Heaven
transported there
in Selene’s chariot or on the back of Pegasus…
Poets wept!
.                                                         ..Cold Autumn dawn mist swirls raptly about
                                                 railing netting and
                                                 faded flowers of her shrine
                                                 some still wrapped in cellophane
                                                 catkin cotton flapping like broken wings
                                                 Sadly, passing underneath in a car now
                                                there is no evidence it ever happened!
                                                 Of course, she didn’t openly appreciate
                                                 this last black-humour comment
                                                But her next submitted poem
                                                 was far better
                                                 Poets felt real!
For, firmly on Earth with her pink balloon burst
now an ordinary mortal connected to others
her instinct for self-preservation returned
and in keeping her safe
kept us safe too

© Gothicman 2017
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3 Comments on "A Precious Poet’s Loss Of Pathos"

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Concrete depth and depth of concrete are my initial thoughts. I like the shape of the poem, like balloons? Another write from you, Trevor, that shows *your* depth and integrity, I think. It could benefit from a wee edit and tidy up, but nothing major. Many lines and phrases I like within it.

Lovely to be here again and to read your work.

Kim x

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