The Chaste Nun

whose emotional well-being from total sexual abstinence
is a psychical mystery

To enter
the sneak-previewed tunnel of light,
or perhaps, await final sensual oblivion
hearing profound adgagio sounds
heralding a poignant conclusion,
one that only true romantic knowledge
could reproduce.
She was expecting no more than the former,
for the greatest experience in her long life
was bathing in the procured spiritual presence
of the god she was led to believe existed.
In her world, the binding force of love
could be totally invested in an abstract concept,
a platonic partnership
that would be rightfully acknowledged
at the point of obtaining some ancient prophet’s
reward of an after-life.
If, since the threshold of adolescence,
celibacy had been truly practiced,
and that love for a mental abstraction,
though short of real erotic involvement,
could effectively renew the vital psychical differences
responsible for sustaining emotional well-being,
then the functional capabilities
of sexualised symbolic parental objects
would need to be redefined.
An atheist would prefer to logically infer
that, in the last moments of awareness,
there may well be a collapsing visual corona
vaguely hinting at an opening continuing onwards,
but, more crucially,
that some form of nostalgic summary,
made possible by the ‘sins of the flesh’,
would have left traces of real carnal experience
to play out its intimate melodic record,
giving each person’s limited allocation
of secular living true validity and meaning;
leaving this Earthly existence
with those two factual gifts of Nature,
life, and sexual love,
their symbiotic dependency,
extinguishing together
in profane beauty.


On listening to Sister Wendy Beckett
in the BBC series: ‘My Life In Books’

Goth:Februari: 2017


© Gothicman 2017
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The reason why the clergy and nuns like Wendy Beckett would choose a life of celibacy has always baffled me.
The fact that this ‘Art Nun’, even though a consecrated virgin, could talk about and freely discuss the merits of nude paintings and statues might indicate that she derived some vicarious physical pleasure,

P.S. In the third line of the second line should the word be’ procured’?


There was a crazy moment in my mid teens when I actually contemplated holy orders. The desire passed in a slightly different crazy moment when I noticed Jennifer Fotheringale running around the hockey pitch in a very short gym skirt. I suppose if your title had been ‘The Chased Nun’, it would most likely have been an entirely different poem. Enjoyed the read, Trevor!

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