Water And Bridges

From The Strand

Water rained, recycled,

flowed to the ocean and evaporated

as rain a thousand years ago,

five thousand years ago, but

once water ran.


Dark river, mighty as Nile

and Mississippi, what heroes

have you seen, where are

they buried?


Thames, a city’s waters

for strolling, yet the aura

of before lingers like London

mist teasing the memories

of women and children

and men.





© allets 2018
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Hello there allets and welcome to the site 😉
Water is a much underrated medium. It actually does hold memory as it is a liquid crystal. There is a deep feeling of contemplation in this atmospheric poem.
I adored the last stanza especially, as it evokes a memory of a famous painting that I cannot quite bring to mind but I saw it all in my mind’s eye. The kind of days one feels alone with their thoughts.
Great intro to your work.

Alison x


Is that you Stella, it makes one wonder where the rain that falls on us has come from, and how long ago. I liked the last verse especially. Sue.

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