Beyond the End of Your Nose

 As Tears Go By

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Go ahead laugh loud your laughs.

Celebrate the entry of the new old

age. Pool together and push back the hands

of time with misplaced worship. Pour pint after

pint of liberal’s tears down throats thirsting

for the new freedom to feast on the fat

of division. Enrich the coffers of

intolerance. Release the devils in

your soul. Satiate them with the empty

words of embryonic demi-gods. Free

them to pretend to bend to your demands

while they plan the demise of your freedoms.

When the hangover kicks in we all will

be united. Bound together by chains

of death, slavery and fear with eons

to share our regrets and ‘I told you so’s.



© guajiros 2018
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Congrats on the nib

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