Tis Melancholy

Poetry Challenge “Essential” 23rd January

Memories creeping in the night,
playing with Morpheus’s kaleidoscope,
the dreamworld of another soul,
buried in the ashes of an unknown past.

I place one of my pillows on my head,
and keep my eyes shut,
a million thoughts hammer
reality into an arch.

It is a monastery of some sort,
high upon Hell’s tallest mountain,
the upside down side of life has become
Death’s purview.

Well, I prefer to call it thus
and cloaked to walk on misty paths
I never dream of saying, “Never
will I wake up.” Have no fear, I tell myself,
you will indeed, you won’t become a ghost
just yet.

Dawn finds my essential Self
curled-up and sweaty. I let my body
be la dolce vita’s trophy,
Rise, and say “another day will pass”.

© ifyouplease 2017
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21 Comments on "Tis Melancholy"

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Wonderfully haunting and strikes such a chord in me. I love it.
Well worth the accolades and one of your very best to date. I shall surely be voting for it for inclusion in the anthology.
Alison xx


Uncanny visionary moments as always.


like your last stanza, particularly “Dawn finds my essential Self/curled-up and sweaty. i let my body/

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