art, music, and dance openly projects it, only verbal report
restricts its true expression – from Goth’s soapbox series!



 There are sensoric experiences
transcending all thought,
whose evocation,
though seemingly
through memory and perception,
will always belong
to unfathomable depths
of myth and mystery;
they are existential happenings
occurring in those earliest of sequences 
when deepest workings of the mind
have not yet lost inherent purity
in the extrapolation of words.
 Spiritual moments
preclude explanation
divine intepretation.
Nature will always retain
some impenetrable truths,
but will humanity rediscover
its innate dignity!



© Gothicman 2017
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Applause! You enter some very important argument but end up with a question without a question mark. Of course, the only possible answer to that question is that effort, research and the quest must continue – indefatigably.

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