Requiem For Two

Spinster Ethel’s last night, aged 104, fiancé,
Wilfred, killed 1915, aged 17, in France,
loved by his comrades for his flute recitals
in the aftermath of massive life-depleting attacks.
Experiment with interior and mirrored rhyme.


Soon, after being born,
With solo piccolo, he played
A mournful soleil couchant tune,
A slow requiem for the dead
That she might instead live in peace
To a late dusk, from a second dawn.
Now her serene life will soon cease,
She lies, gold bassoon in bed
Sadly, playing au clair de la lune;
Old, worn, she too will fade
Soon, before the morn.

© Gothicman 2018
critique and comments welcome.

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I’m having a thicko moment, Trevor. Why ‘gold bassoon’?


Am I going mad or have I not long read this one?
But I’m not complaining as it is exceptionally lovely, having read the comments below, I just want to say how much I liked the ‘gold bassoon in bed’ line, I thought it a beautiful reference totally in keeping with the feel of the poem. The layout too fits perfectly. Sue.


Beautifully put together Trevor, well done mate.

Grrrr Just spent ages commenting only to have it disappear when I nominated it. 🙁 This is the most beautiful poem that moved me deeply. Our lives are so short but a whole life encaspulated into a few lines, it speaks of a level of love seldom found. I have seen it as a nurse and it is awe inspiring. I know our world views about what happens after death are polar opposites….but to me, she will then be in Wilfred’s arms and he will welcome her, just as he remembers her, the young woman who refused to let death… Read more »
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