Woodland idyll by a lake

A tribute to Nature



Discarded leaves in gorgeous hues
soothing both eye and ear,
in irregular sequences,
pattering down,
carpeting all surrounding ground;
while high overhead,
wind breezing through rustling trees,
relaxing the mind with ambient sounds
of monastic incantations…
At this natural haven for a lover’s tryst,
I readily accept the seasonal moods
of my mistress
For, in her sacrifice to maintain life,
there arises mutual awareness.. of the
tumescent fullness of our ambivalent history,
the joyful giving, sorrowful taking,
and while it lasts,
for a few prophetic moments…
we become as one.
Though my desired destiny,
the promised wish will remain unfulfilled;
until she’s ready, the spiritual magic ends here.
For if she were to appear,
become an apparition, an abstract god,
capable of granting favour,
my beloved Natura
would collapse and crumble about me!
I would die a broken man,
a traitor to the brain she gives meaning to,
to the heart,
she still cups in her hands.

© Gothicman 2017
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Absolutely lovely, a perfection of words. Sue 🙂

Trevor, I like this poem very much, may I make a small suggestion… to re-title it…maybe woodland idyll by a lake and to begin with discarded leaves in gorgeous hues patter down in irregular sequences carpeting the ground all around, add in next line natural haven for a lover’s tryst while high overhead, wind breezing through rustling trees soothes the ear with harmonic chimes reminiscent of monastic incantations. Just a thought and maybe too quick a one without due consideration so apologies if so…been away myself celebrating also a Libran birthday…fear I will never catch up with all the posts… Read more »
Trevor, Is this different from your usual style of writing? It contains excellent scene painting I’ve not seen you do before which works nicely without the photo. I can identify with it. Congrats on the nom! Viewing your poem from my personal perspective and not from the nominator’s, I don’t go along with the personification of nature and the notion that there can be a ‘mutual awareness.’ Why ‘must’ you acknowledge her presence? It is not clear why you are compelled or duty-bound to do so. The identity of ‘her’ in stanza puzzles a reader as simple as me and… Read more »
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