Lucy! You Are Awful!

I’m speechless!


Ancient Lucy could say
more urgent variations of “Og”
for food, danger, clean your shelf, or shag?
but she couldn’t say
“Yesterday, I saw a family of pigs
flying over the moon!”
Until she learnt
to extend her labiodental nasal click
to at first, while staring at them, say:
“Look, I see a family of pigs?”
And later, amazingly, after her boyfriend
Homo Erectus had yet again
secretly ogged her sister Licentious:
“Yesterday!” “Flying over the moon!”
For she had suddenly realised
she could also fool the senses
using different permutations of only a few
“speech motor neurones” as she called them,
behaving as “external signals”
functioning as “proxy representations”
of things, real or unreal, “in their absence!
“Oggy!” “Oggy!” “Oggy!”
And led her on to create:
a new race type:
“Homo Castratus”, soon extinct,
the “Handy pouch-size Ox dildo”
and add
“God!” to “Og!”

© Gothicman 2017
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Homo sapiens, at least the happy ‘uns, will enjoy your every ploy, what a humorous joy. OK I’m off before I annoy! 😉

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