There are those who mind
their own universe, wind
the clock of its dwarf time,
those who think there’s
nothing beyond individuals
of the dead and alive kind.

Thinkers stare at themselves
in Demiurge’s creative mirror,
reflecting in a glass coffin,
where petite human dreams,
vigilant, stand beside
a phantom Snow White.

© ifyouplease 2018
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wind the clock of its dwarf time, Jealous, jealous am I that you drew THAT image out of your incredible imagination. Now it’s forever lost to mine! Glancing through all these posts I see you must have edited this considerably, but it’s hard for me to judge results when the original isn’t available. Reads well though, and I’m loving the glass coffin and Demiurge’s creative mirror too, for – even though I had to look it up to get a grasp – I’m essentially an Agnostic, and what I read allows me to picture, not a god of any kind,… Read more »
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