in memory of my Dad


Which weight Dad
slipped from your shoulders
onto mine,
when standing in a corridor
of a hospital decades ago
and the staff transferred
a body covered head to toe
and I asked you
“don’t you think Dad
this was a corpse?”

and you replied
“Yes, but we are here
for other reasons, aren’t we?”


And now I know,
if you were standing next to me
at your funeral and if I were to ask you
“don’t you think Dad
this is unfair?”
you’d still say the same,
that I was there for other reasons,
careful not to slip more weight
onto my shoulders.


© ifyouplease 2017
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24 Comments on "Dad"

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Now this I completely understand, IYP. 🙂 Tender and very moving piece. Powerful and meaningful concept in the weight shifting from father to daughter, to father again.

Lovely work. Congrats on all the nibs and assorted bells and whistles. Well earned, for this is an excellent write. bel 🙂


Up to your usual high standard, Nic.
My sympathies on your loss.
Luigi x


I know this poem, we’ve already met. My dad died 14 years ago and its a tougher world without him. Sorry to read in the other comments of your loss. Take care.


Its more than forty years since I lost my dad. Seems like another life and yet your poem brings it back so clearly. Me and my siblings all wanting to be strong for my mother, and yet, for all that, not being as strong as she was for us.
I think your poem is very moving and underlines the bond you shared; a bond I’m sure that will remain even though he is gone.
My condolences, Michael


A very moving poem…Leila

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