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When I think of you.

When I think of you.

I see your smile it's as wide as the moon.

I feel your warmth just like the sun.

I hear your voice, so sweet, like a flock of nightingales singing till dawn.

I see the light and energy in you as I do the stars.

You are so spirated, I ...
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Moving on

Moving on

My love, I do pursue you,
but I never seem to catch you,
since you always lead me on
to further ways astray
which ever makes it quite impossible
to ever find the right way back
or any right way, for that matter.
But I pray you: Lead ...
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The Road to Perdition

The Road to Perdition

When fate keeps battering you all around
and strangling you in stress and worries,
catching you in traffic incidents
and driving you to nuts by faltering computers
infected by viruses and crashing all the time,
when harassment is all you get for being right
by all those who ...
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the global migraine

the global migraine

The nation's strength
is not in its arms,
it's in the way it grows
crops in the farms;
it's the food the matters,
not the food-snatching wars;

throughout the world,
albeit technologies tried
the farmers commit
suicide, one wonders why
the tv channels across
europe, ...
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Another attempt at some Lovecraftian merriment. I think ol' Jed became a banker after his transformation. Or a time-share salesman.

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Quite simply

Quite simply

Who can fight the unacceptability,
the ugliness and horrors of this world,
the meaninglessness of the universal violence,
the ruthlessness of egoism,
the voluntary folly of blind ignorance,
the unaccountability of general destruction,
the mad race for false security,
the global meltdown of climatic change?
– We all ...
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forget it

forget it

from the heart
I write my lines,
they have no art,
they carry no lies,
except for the wish
in me
that's never to be

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just forget it

just forget it

those who do not see
where they went
so terribly wrong,
how on earth will they,
they had never bent,
always sold their wrongs
as the solitary right as
they reaped, marched along,
protected their stance
with all their might,
shown how they're united,
strong, the delinquents,
the real ...
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Culture or no culture?

Culture or no culture?

We can't do without it.
It's what keeps humanity up,
shows the way and gives some meaning to existence,
while all else really isn't worth much,
materialism, capitalism, politics,
that mainly causes trouble,
while culture is the only thing lifting us
above the animal state and barbarism.
The ...
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