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The Love Syndrome

The Love Syndrome

I used to love you,
but I never quite succeeded,
which is why I love you still
and, the worse, the more,
since you were always unattainable
and therefore irresistible
to almost an unbearable degree,
which is why I can't stop loving you
but must go on
and ...
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Creativity and love

Creativity and love

It is an urge that can't be stopped,
and somehow they seem closely knit together,
creativity resulting and in some way neutralising
the effect of love into the purest constructivity.
I could not do without you both,
the flow of love discreetly channeling
into a force of nature ...
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Grieve over grief.

Grieve over grief.

When someone dies you feel the loss,

You grieve with others who share the loss.
We are natural mourners who honour others,
Standing firm in our beliefs as we permit others.
Time is a great healer, memories remain.
Pain and joy are ever present in our minds.
Trying to forgive ...
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Perto Marvao em Portugal

Perto Marvao em Portugal

Hi up amongst the mountains,
Almost touching the heavens.
A chance to think of angels,
As they look down on beauty, as I.
Mountains so tall and yet
Embraced by silence,
Some in sun, some in shadow,
Others just playing a masquerade,
Who can blame them
Looking ...
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the unknown

the unknown

nobody knows the secret, 

nobody knows the mystery, 

hankering desperately

for power, and respect, 

with weapons, and words, 

garbage all over the world, 

a dead end

closing all trajectory

the spiritual and the material 

spaces, the learned ignorant

schools, fighting like rascals

and fools, debris of ...
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end to end

end to end


the darkness covering
debris of darknesses,
a jeopardizing journey where
destruction is the destiny;

despite inventions, discoveries,
changing versions of technologies,
notwithstanding volumes
of novels and stories
pouring from the fertile spirit;
the crippled mind is lagging far
behind, as a homicidal habit;

blind, it cannot ...
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When I think of you.

When I think of you.

I see your smile it's as wide as the moon.

I feel your warmth just like the sun.

I hear your voice, so sweet, like a flock of nightingales singing till dawn.

I see the light and energy in you as I do the stars.

You are so spirated, I ...
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Poetry92 words
Moving on

Moving on

My love, I do pursue you,
but I never seem to catch you,
since you always lead me on
to further ways astray
which ever makes it quite impossible
to ever find the right way back
or any right way, for that matter.
But I pray you: Lead ...
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The Road to Perdition

The Road to Perdition

When fate keeps battering you all around
and strangling you in stress and worries,
catching you in traffic incidents
and driving you to nuts by faltering computers
infected by viruses and crashing all the time,
when harassment is all you get for being right
by all those who ...
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