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Lost Land.
by sweetwater
Originally published on March 7, 2016 in Poetry        

Think picturesque rather than picture or photo.

A picture shrunk
within a frame
the heart no longer
bears it's name,
no steps upon the soul
can lie
or joy from lips
in praise to fly.
Stolen now
the kiss of hope
where love fall's lost
to hangman's rope.

© sweetwater (sweetwater on OLD UKA)

UKArchive ID: 36303
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Savvi on 07-03-2016
Lost Land.
I could have this wrong Sue so forgive me if I have but I read this as the end to a relationship due to lies and false promises, I agree Let em dangle. Best Keith

Author’s Reply:
Well I hadn't intended that but now you mention it I can see what you mean. I suppose you could even liken it to the end of a relationship, and the lies and false promises were there there too, it was the destruction of a field left untouched for many years, a favourite of mine for the diversity of wildlife relying on it, I have walked, and loved it for many years, we were promised it would remain as is, but developers have grabbed that one as well and it has been ripped up overnight.

Thank you for reading and commenting 🙂 Sue.

Mikeverdi on 09-03-2016
Lost Land.
The continual desecration of your world must be destroying you bit by bit. Such a shame you can't move to Devon Sue, a little cottage near a village would get you back on track. The double meaning helps with this poem as it works in both. I think it's beautiful. I shall nominate it.


Author’s Reply:
Hi, Mike yes it is, the counryside around me is no different to much of the Cotswolds, yet they are a treasured tourist attraction while 'my' fields are no more than estate fodder. We are now getting reports of deer running headlong across roads straight into fences in sheer fear and bewilderment at all the diggers ripping across their territory. If I had the money a small cottage with countryside washing up to the door would be my idea of heaven. But then of course I would need extra to ship my family there too, always ties of some sort 🙂 Thank you so much Mike for your comment and the marvellous nomination, It has made my day, I am so pleased you think so highly of it. Sue xxx

pdemitchell on 10-03-2016
Lost Land.
Nice but sad and well constructed lament. As a councillor in Cardiff I know how weak planning laws are and they ever favour the developer. But the flat I live in was build on a green field and so it goes as the cities sprawl and their edges creeep ever outwards. paul

Author’s Reply:
Here we are becoming too overdeveloped, thousands of new houses but no new infrastructure whatsoever, our roads are almost at a standstill throughout the day, we have no new schools or facilities to accommodate all the extra people pouring into Banbury. The council here has let us down badly, they have signed off the land as having no impact on wildlife yet the survey team have shown there are 4-5 red listed ( quite rare ) animals relying on therm. Residents living along the road where all the developments are taking place have seen, countless animals, badgers, foxes and deer running in panic headlong into traffic, or crashing blindly into what's left of the field fences and injuring themselves, in their desperation to escape the noise and smell of the diggers ripping out centuries old hedgerows and trees. This is what breaks my heart, as well as losing the countryside I love dearly. It absolutely disgusts me. Having ranted on far too much, for which I apologise,I will say a grateful thank you for reading and leaving a comment, it's much appreciated. Sue x