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Colourful friends
by supratik
Originally published on February 29, 2016 in Poetry        

Colourful friends

I have a friend.
He is black.
I call him Blacky.

Black is not bad

I don’t change him
His colour, with euphemism
For his kin, he’s not sad.

I am Browny; with colours, we don’t fuss
We also have a Whitey with us.

One is fat, one is tall
And one is short
Us, we sometimes call
Tally, Shorty, Fatty
We don’t feel proud, ashamed or dotty.

We don’t make amends
Our looks is given for free
Not how we look, but how we see
Makes us outstanding friends.

One goes to a church
One to a mosque
One to a temple
But we know whom we pray
Lives inside our hearts
Is beyond the fence
And if they ever met
They wouldn’t fight
Like us, they’d simply be friends.

© supratik (Supratik on OLD UKA)

UKArchive ID: 36274
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franciman on 29-02-2016
Colourful friends
I Love this. It tells of an indomitable love and respect that transcends the bounds of religion, creed and colour. A complex subject, a beautiful child-like voice. Super. Oh, did I say I liked this?



Author’s Reply:
Thank you Jim for reading, loving, liking and rating the poem. You have summarized it beautifully. Supratik

Bozzz on 29-02-2016
Colourful friends
I agree with Jim, that the camaraderie is there and well expressed in the poem. The touches of slight variants in the English help to produce the image of togetherness as it clearly is. Excellently done Supratik. My best…David

Author’s Reply:
David, Thank you very much for reading and commenting. And thanks a lot for the rating. Yours, Supratik

Gothicman on 29-02-2016
Colourful friends
As you know, Supratik, Winnie the Pooh, A bear, had friends too, including Piglet the Pig, Eeyore the Donkey, Kanga the Kangeroo, and Tiggy the Tiger, and I think your poem here, though well-written and well-intended, is about as likely and durable as a consistent truth as A.A. Milne's collection of fictional stories. Extremely idealistic and typical unfortunately of the resistant canker that will prevent Man's salvation! Oh how shall we spare the children from the already stricken's attempt to legitimate this insult to Nature and Man's ability to become truly and irreversibly civilised when faced with this type of incongruity? A well written poem, Supratik, but misleading and damaging in its messaging I fear.


P.S. The colour of skin should of course have nothing to do with a person's worth or ability to be friends, this moral part of the messaging is sound logic and must be applauded, and possible once contentious belief-systems become accepted as unnecessary and obsolete by all?

Author’s Reply:
Trevor, Interesting. Very interesting. To do justice to your well-thought-out response, let me start from somewhere that may not seem connected. The objective is to have the audacity to respond to the 'misleading and damaging' bit. Know that I also concur on this before you read on.

I am focusing on the friendship between two countries which will, at least this time, not cause insecurity to other countries. Five hundred years ago, there was this person called Obama who fought with a person called Putin. They are fighting now, and sure enough they will, five hundred years later. Can this be based on logic? It is the same mindset that puts all mothers of the world as good and all mother-in-law as you-know-what.

My question is, is there anyone, not a spiritual guru or allah or shiva or jesus, but anyone other than those, who will come forward and say hey guys you must be friends. Is there any intelligence that can bring see this friendship into fruition? The question is why, what is the need… if you asked me, I will not be able to give you an intelligent answer that could convince you, but I feel, yes I feel it is definitely going to help. This has to happen, not by force or compulsion, but through our ability to connect with Intelligence. Strange…it is strange that the much needed friendship also causes insecurities. Even at the micro level, if A is friends with B, then C is insecure…and it is this insecurity…yes this insecurity that causes havoc in the beautiful world. So much so that people who think of reaching an all around friendship to prosper and grow are rejected as idealists…and those who do that cannot be blamed. But step out….Trevor…step out…. and let's look at the possibility… one two three… step out… the world can function without causing harm to any other country. Yes, it is possible…and once, just once if the Intelligence of the world tastes this, everything will fall in place. There will be no terror, no horror…peace in the waters, in the trees, in the forests, and above all, in the minds of scared people. We just need to step out…just once. We have so far been childish, but there are people who are also urging us to be child-like.

We need healing Trevor…look at us…we are not even ready to consider this possibility, not even once. We are living the lives of whom then?

I am not a Mr-know-it-all…far from it. Not sure if anyone would be willing to buy it at all. Countries are buying weapons and flaunting them because that is the way we lived thousands of years ago…and that is the non-fictional way to function…yes it is, it absolutely is. With Intelligence can we ever step out from this I wonder.

No one is willing to accept defeat. In Hindi I accept defeat means 'har mani'…the sound is strangely close to harmony, as say the Brahmakumaris. Yours, Supratik

sweetwater on 01-03-2016
Colourful friends
I like this poem very much, it has a real moral message, such a simple one you would think, yet so many cannot manage to follow it. I like talking to people regardless of their colour, religion etc., and if someone comes from a different land I have so many questions I would love to ask, but daren't in case I inadvertently offend them. Such a shame that we can physically cross country borders but not race ones, but as you say much of this stems from things long ago.Sue.

Author’s Reply:
Thank you very much Sue for reading and commenting. I am really glad you liked the poem. It is for people like you that the world is a place worth living.

Yes it is a belief-system that is with us since time. Wonder if we could re-learn. 🙂 Supratik

Gothicman on 02-03-2016
Colourful friends
Good response and attempt to answer, but Supratik, giving everyone in the world an aspirin won't cure cancer, nor will argument using peace-philosophy stop causing this dissonant canker in, by Nature, finely tuned minds; early indoctrinated afflicted are beyond appealing to, or influencing by power of reason; Mankind's only hope is to stop psychical abuse of children in religion's name. It may be too idealistic too, considering we haven't been very successful in preventing sexual or violent abuse of children, but making it univesally illegal, and persistently trying to apply the law, is the only way forwards if we are to effectively adapt and survive, the mainstays of civilisation. A world that is objectively and freely spiritual would be refreshable and healthy, totally our responsibility in how well or badly it all works!

Religious education does not equate with being a good, loving, and responsible person. A consensus of real social ethics in upbringing is responsible for that, needing no other, especially supernatural, influences; not good for developing a healthy and effective brain either.

Yours, Trevor

I might sub one more work on the subject; you've provoked me! Hahaha!

Author’s Reply:
Trevor, Would eagerly await the post. Yours, Supratik

Savvi on 03-03-2016
Colourful friends
Its all been said, but I just wanted to say well done and congrats on the Nom and Nib

Author’s Reply:
Thank you Keith.

ParsonThru on 20-03-2016
Colourful friends
Lovely. And so true.

Author’s Reply:
Thank you.