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Innocence returning
by savvi
Originally published on May 20, 2016 in Poetry        


There’s a cold breeze
coming through the back door
causing it to creak on its hinges,
Grandad’s gone across the backs
to feed his pigeons.

I find him inside the empty loft
closing derelict cages,
gently I place an arm
around the confusion.
Using soft words we stumble outside
towards real moments.

The overgrown allotment glistens
through droplets, strung out
across gossamer connections
that tremble in the cold morning light.
We hear the rush of racing pigeons
and watch them disappear overhead
like ghosts into field mist.

Grandad stood staring at the sky,
“they’re not coming back are they son?”
I put my coat around his shoulders,
‘no Grandad they’ve been gone too long”.
We start the slow walk back towards the house,
“someone will have to tell your Nan
she loved those birds”
“She’s dead Grandad,
Grandma’s dead”.

© savvi (Savvi on OLD UKA)

UKArchive ID: 36538
Archived comments for Innocence returning

stormwolf on 20-05-2016
Innocence returning
Oh Keith. So very sad. As you may know I am watching my mum being lost to Altzeimers and it's an agony all round.

The poem made me cry as some of your have done in the last. Well done on the nib.

A couple of apostrophes missing ( grandad's grandma's ) but very moving and insightful

Alison X

Author’s Reply:
Sorry about your Mother Alison it is really tough, this is only a memory know for me but it is still sad. Thanks for the Nit will sort it out. Sorry I am only just coming back, I had hoped to be more consistent with my presence, hence why I posted but alas, not so.

Mikeverdi on 20-05-2016
Innocence returning
'Gently I place an arm around the confusion' This is so gut reachingly descriptive. The whole piece reaches inside of me.

Great writing about a growing problem.


Author’s Reply:
Mike you are very kind with your comments. much appreciated Keith

sweetwater on 21-05-2016
Innocence returning
So, so sad, beautifully expressed, a complete story in those few lines. I too have tears in my eye. Sue.

Author’s Reply:
Many thanks Sue such sad times but they always seem to find a way into my pen. Best Keith

pdemitchell on 22-05-2016
Innocence returning
Yeah, a piece all carers would resonate to and I agree with Mike “Gently I place an arm around the confusion” sums it all up. Mitch

Author’s Reply:
I agree Mitch the poem turns on that line so its good to know it works, many thanks Keith

TOMBO on 22-05-2016
Innocence returning
A very fine, sad poem. I particularly like the lines

“using soft words we stumble outside

Towards real moments.”

and “like ghosts in field mists”

But the whole poem hangs together very well with a good rhythmic flow. Very impressed


Author’s Reply:
Hi Tombo

Many thanks for the 10 very happy you liked the poem. best Keith

Gothicman on 22-05-2016
Innocence returning
For me Keith, freely-written poetry at its best, you at your best, and into favourites, and nominated (if it hadn't already been!)


Author’s Reply:
Hi Trevor

Your comments are very kind and I'm very grateful for the Nom but not sure who to thank. I have lots of new poems but I am holding off posting until I can spend more time reading and commenting on others work. Best Keith