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No Excuses
by savvi
Originally published on February 5, 2016 in Poetry    

The pellet hit your breast
and took my breath,
my mind followed a rising panic
of realisation, I had taken a life.

I had laid the breadcrumbs
hid behind the garden wall
waited in silence as you landed,
lined the sight, squeezed the trigger
it was all my responsibility.

Your body was still warm
as I tried to revive you,
soft and limp
like you were filled with water.
The colour of your beak
the clarity of your eyes
the perfect design of your feathers
all wasted by me.

I buried you in the garden
and made promises
I have kept.
The following year I saved
a fledgling thrush,
raised it on worms,
set it free when the weather
turned warm,
gave it back your life.

He visited the garden
a few times then stopped,
I still kept looking.
Maybe he made new friends
or maybe the other birds told him
what I was really like.

© savvi (Savvi on OLD UKA)

UKArchive ID: 36173
Archived comments for No Excuses

amman on 05-02-2016
No Excuses
Hi Keith.

To me this paints a picture of a youngster's guilt, remorse and penance. Nicely portrayed. Like the ending.



Author’s Reply:
Thank you Tony good to know it comes across, thanks for commenting Keith

sweetwater on 05-02-2016
No Excuses
This one had me in tears, twice, I read it twice, it says everything for me, the thoughtless action with no realisation of the awful truth to follow. I can imagine the terrible horror you felt. You have written this so beautifully, and with such sadness, I was captivated by it. It's going into favs ( so I will need a tissue on standby! ) Sue 🙂

Author’s Reply:
Thank you Sue, sadly this one is true, I've never picked up an air riffle since that day. Best Keith