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The Cherry Trees
by savvi
Originally published on January 29, 2016 in Poetry    


We nearly called you May
but they wanted to name you Blossom
you burst bright into life
all pink and white,
summer still waiting for your smile.

The pram could move
from car to cradle,
carried under filtered sunlight,
a cherry flower canopy
softened the sting
on delicate eyes.
It was a perfect morning
the damp had just left the ground,
insects had come to play
and you were lost in its lullaby.

I would like to think
the beauty of that day
took away your breath
but there are other theories
I’ve read too many times.

On a blustery day
underneath those branches
we dispersed you,
watched you
as you settled to the ground.

In the quiet of our home
I made tea
and looked to the garden,
the trees had laid
their blanket over you,
giving up their colour
to keep you warm,

as they do every year.

© savvi (Savvi on OLD UKA)

UKArchive ID: 36139
Archived comments for The Cherry Trees

Pronto on 30-01-2016
The Cherry Trees
Heart-achingly sad poem for a lost infant so beautifully expressed.

Author’s Reply:
You are very kind Pronto, much appreciated. Keith

Gothicman on 31-01-2016
The Cherry Trees
My impression was not quite as Pronto, less a metaphor, more simply a dedication to the beauty of a garden tree that had bloomed and shed its leaves through special times in growing family life, a loved onlooker. A beautiful poem and delightful read for me.


On re-reading Keith, the third stanza makes me doubt my first impression, a sudden tragedy not easily explained, like David, either way, it's a beautiful and moving poem.

Author’s Reply:
Its always good to see something read in a different way and I love this interpretation, and yes in the most part it fits, Thanks Trevor. I'm glad ou enjoyed it. Best keith

Bozzz on 31-01-2016
The Cherry Trees
Agree with Trevor, a delicate and beautiful memory of a friendly tree, an event in the garden – every year. Either way, a lovely piece….David

Author’s Reply:
Thanks David your comments are always welcomed and appreciated. Best Keith

sweetwater on 31-01-2016
The Cherry Trees
I was thinking more of the loss of a baby, but whatever the truth behind those lovely tear inducing words, it is most certainly a beautiful poem. Sue.

Author’s Reply:
Thank you for the kind words, and yes this one sadly is about cot death but also the beauty of the cherry tree also. Best Keith

Savvi on 07-03-2016
The Cherry Trees
Thank you for the Nomination Trevor I really appreciate it. Keith

Author’s Reply: