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Pictures on a Pub Wall
by pronto
Originally published on November 20, 2015 in Poetry        

Dedicated to the many friends who, with time, have moved on beyond recall.

On a photograph he traces
The outline of their faces
Recalls the scenes, the youthful dreams
The days out at the races

The cough and clang of the Charabanc
Struggling to Blackpool’s lights
Of sing-a-long with cheerful song
Throughout those boozy nights

That’s Jimmy he was at our school
Killed in the war poor boy
And Thelma Pearl, Oh what a girl
She married Barry Troy

So many friends all now long gone
Who loved to sing and drink
So enjoy my friendship while you may
It’s later than you think

And soon one day when I’m gone away
Beyond this life’s recall
For good times past please raise a glass
To our pictures on the wall

© pronto (Pronto on OLD UKA)

UKArchive ID: 35837
Archived comments for Pictures on a Pub Wall

Mikeverdi on 20-11-2015
Pictures on a Pub Wall
Like this, and it's a great idea. I know some pubs used to to do it, all gone now. Like the people in the photos.

Great stuff.


Author’s Reply:
Thanks Mike I used to drink in a pub like that in the early sixties. It was a warm and friendly place in an era when pubs were often the centre of the community. Those days are, unfortunately, long gone.

Oh well!

franciman on 20-11-2015
Pictures on a Pub Wall
This is another that could have won the challenge. Really evocative in speaking of a time now past. It reminded me of Omar Kayyam. The pub as mausoleum so to speak.



Author’s Reply:
Thank you Jim I'm flattered by your comments. The standard of the comp is always high and I like it because it keeps me trying to do better.

Ionicus on 20-11-2015
Pictures on a Pub Wall
This is indeed one that could have won the challenge and was within a whisker of doing so. In common with all the other entries it was of the highest quality. Well done, Tony.

Author’s Reply:
Thanks mate it's very kind of you to say so. I enjoy writing for the challenge. Win or no it matters not to me like the Olympics, the taking part is the most important thing. I like reading and learning from the other entries. So many good ideas.

gwirionedd on 20-11-2015
Pictures on a Pub Wall
Wow! This is excellent, Tony! This is the best poem of yours that I've read. Fave story for me, and a well-deserved nomination from someone else.

I really like the flowing rhythm, the well-placed rhymes and the genuineness of the remembrances.

I also like the way the poem is tinged with sadness.

Lovely stuff.


Author’s Reply:
Wow Archie that's a wonderfully heart warming compliment mate thank you very much. The tinge of sadness for old friends no longer around is, I think, common to all of us.

Cheers mate,


ValDohren on 20-11-2015
Pictures on a Pub Wall
The poignancy of growing old beautifully illustrated here – and, as well as pub walls, many homes display the same memories. Good work.

Val X

Author’s Reply:
Thanks Val you're very kind.

pommer on 21-11-2015
Pictures on a Pub Wall
Great,Pictures on wall say so much and bring back so many memories.One day sooner or later we will all be pictures on the wall.Wonderfully composed. Thank you for sharing. Peter.

Author’s Reply:
Thank you Peter,

I'm glad you liked it mate I know I enjoyed writing it. When I was a young man we had a pub with pictures of trips the landlord had organised for the regulars. Some of these pictures went back to the 1920's.I don't think modern pub landlords have the time these days.

Ah me! 🙂