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by pronto
Originally published on October 30, 2015 in Poetry        

No matter how in control you think you are, don’t push desperate souls too far.

Fingers on sleek velum skin
Seeking softness in secret folds
She draws him deep within
Whilst whispering fragrant lies
Lullabies of lust
Betrayed trust

He inhales the musk
Tastes the other woman
On her lying lips
She’s been there again
Sharing her love with her again
She knows he knows, doesn’t care

Her demon dark eyes assess him
Her devil hands caress him
Wrapping languid legs
Round loyal loins
Hears his groans he’s lost
No matter the cost he’s hers

His confession of obsession
Means he’ll never leave
She owns both her and him
Cock and quim
Servile slaves
Hers to the grave

Recumbent, she’s sated
Laying elated in juices of joy
‘She’s dead’ he quietly said
‘Now it’s me and you
We’re beyond all hope’
She laughs ‘til he produces the rope

© pronto (Pronto on OLD UKA)

UKArchive ID: 35698
Archived comments for Obsession

Mikeverdi on 01-11-2015
I just loved this, almost an exotic feel to it, just the right side of disgusting. Great word play. Congrats on the Nib, would look better with a Nomination to go with it.


Author’s Reply:
Thanks Mike,

I appreciate the kind comment and the nomination. Truly chuffed!

Bozzz on 01-11-2015
Smooth talk from a professional – enjoyed reading. Agree with Mike – deserves Nom…David

Author’s Reply:
Thank you David, You're very kind sir.