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The Queue
by nemo
Originally published on November 20, 2015 in Poetry    

She’d been on the Queen Mary,
she told the check-out girl.

She’d given up smoking, they could see
she still pursed her lips,

snake hand poised,
for the camera.

And she’d been a welder in the war,
she showed the burn on her arm.

He was away, months on end,
the Arctic convoys, you know.

The tail poised to shuffle forward,
done with nodding and smiling,

or simply looking away,
till she paid and left her mark.

© nemo (Nemo on OLD UKA)

UKArchive ID: 35838
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franciman on 20-11-2015
The Queue
This catches the attention. Like all good poetry you have to turn it in your hands to discover true nature. I was left wanting more, always a good sign.



Author’s Reply:
Thanks, Jim. I'm pleased you liked it.



Nemo on 20-11-2015
The Queue
Thank you to whoever nominated this!



Author’s Reply:

Ionicus on 21-11-2015
The Queue
An excellent read, Gerald. Liked it a lot. Whoever nominated it has good tastes.

Author’s Reply:
Many thanks, Luigi. I'm pleased you liked it.