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The Death of a Thousand Cuts
by mikeverdi
Originally published on October 16, 2015 in Poetry        

The thoughts of a fed up voter.

There is a scum settling on the surface of society,
slipping between the cracks of reason,
filling voids within our thinking.
Choking half-truths we thought of as democracy.
Drowning righteousness, in the bile of suppression and false patriotism.

All the while this plague is supported
by those we are asked to trust,
sitting in the ivory towers of Westminster,
with centrally heated pension pots.

The left and right of it all lost
in the morass of euro speak,
pouring forth from lips of politicians,
looking for an expense to claim.

Each one characterised in turn by pundits
scoring points on the evening news.

He was a poison pen of a man, spouting bile by the mile,
in search of a style, while looking at the world with a frozen smile

The re-birth of Generation X lauded and applauded,
by those happy to hide beneath the Emperor’s New Clothes.
Apathy rules while we drift towards what?
Wake up England, your people need you.

The drip, drip of insanity,
landing like acid rain
on the belly of reality.
While we sleep…dreaming of a new dawn.

I stand in the wings banging my fists on the doors of perception,
where are you now, you demigods of my past.

The world has turned in its grave, we need new heroes,
strong arms to hold the flag of truth aloft.
Instead of lesser mortals, wrapped in the protective armour of
political correctness, ineptitude and stained morality.

© mikeverdi (Mikeverdi on OLD UKA)

UKArchive ID: 35611
Archived comments for The Death of a Thousand Cuts

Bozzz on 16-10-2015
The Death of a Thousand Cuts
For me, this piece summarises what I feel in my gut every morning when I read the newspaper. Bravo Mike. Please accept my nom…David

Author’s Reply:
Many thanks David, my first write for months, so pleased you liked it enough to Nominate.


stormwolf on 16-10-2015
The Death of a Thousand Cuts
Bravo! Bravo! *Rises to feet and dances round the room*

Just fab writing Mike. From the content, to the countless great lines to the passion expressed.

With you all the way. Bloody self serving, forked tongued politicians. The scourge of humanity.

Alison x

Author’s Reply:
HaHa! Thought this would be up your street, pleased it got you dancing young Storm 😁😂

Mike xxxx

Nemo on 16-10-2015
The Death of a Thousand Cuts
I share your anger, Mike. It's time the people turned.

Great impassioned writing! See you at the barricades.


Author’s Reply:
Thanks for reading and commenting, kind of you. I voted them in to sort things out, but the cuts are going too deep now. We are suffering undue hardship, now they are closing over thirty police stations, as for the NHS…..


Gothicman on 18-10-2015
The Death of a Thousand Cuts
The day of the true Statesman is past, Mike. Now it's front-man celebrities of different own-take persuasions, backed up by a motley crew of characterless, timid, civil servants lacking visionary qualities, and thick as five short planks when it comes to consequence analysis! We developed a good well-balanced pay-in/take out tax and welfare system, and then we left the door to the world-based knacker's yard wide open! Wake up indeed England! Who can draw out Excalibur's sword and fill the hay-carts with politicians and let them trundle to the Tower? Getting out of Europe would be a good starting point! Good, straightforward, tell-it-how-it-is writing, Mike, and composed with good sense and clear vision. A good balanced mixture of rant and lyrical metaphor keeping it all literally interesting and serious in its messaging. Hope you subbing again means you've got your health problems sorted?

You're a much needed contributor. Gratulations on the nib and nom.


Author’s Reply:
Thanks for the in depth reading and comments Trevor. You too are needed on here my friend, even if I don't always understand your technical mastery 😀 I thought your last poem was a blinder.

As to my health, that would be a no. I start Chemo next Friday, my other treatments stopped working. Bloody cancer keeps coming back. I was going to post about it, I will be a bit out of it for a while.


sweetwater on 18-10-2015
The Death of a Thousand Cuts
There doesn't seem to be much I can add, everyone else has said it for me, so well done Mike for speaking so forthrightly for all of us. Great write. Really good to see you back on here. My very best wishes go with you Sue xx

Author’s Reply:
Sometimes you just have to open up and shout, so pleased you understood.



pommer on 18-10-2015
The Death of a Thousand Cuts
Like David I too feel this every day I try to read the papers.Well expressed and true Mike. Be lucky, Peter.

Author’s Reply:
Thanks for stopping by Peter, it has to stop now.