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Beautiful Secret
by gothicman
Originally published on October 16, 2015 in Poetry        

an old man meets by chance the daughter, to whose mother he had, shortly after birth, reluctantly promised to relinquish paternity rights – a droubble if you like!

On sunlit London streets, paved not with gold,
but warm grey stones edged with glass- and brick-dust,
our timeless friend, that innermost thinker and most honest commentator,
is helping piece together sparsely-recalled fragments of a long journey
through time.

At an age when the end could be far sooner than later,
I feel contentment, and readiness if grinding slowly towards stillness
is what these creaking cogs turned by system health have been told
is the right thing to do. Autumn glows with cosy humility.

My eyes smile admiringly at a young woman passing,
who looks at me as though some timeworn moral latch had not held.
But, in her vanity, she’s mistaken. She’s lying naked on pink silk sheets
loved by a much younger man, one I barely remember.

She calls out my name and walks back:
“You don’t know me, but my mum used to idolise you in school.
She’s at the Sunny Hills old people’s home if you want to visit her.
She may not be contactable”

Memories flood back. Keeping my promise to her mother,
I told her she’d inherited her mother’s beauty, but, unfortunately,
I was in a hurry, I had a train to catch.


© gothicman (Gothicman on OLD UKA)

UKArchive ID: 35609
Archived comments for Beautiful Secret

Bozzz on 16-10-2015
Beautiful Secret
Such a polite and charming way to tell a modestly vain old codger his age. Good job he had a train to catch. Your reality poems are so good, Trevor. Yours aye…David

Author’s Reply:
An old man on a last nostalgic journey through the haunts of his childhood and youth meeting by chance the daughter he's reluctantly promised not to admit to, to the mother who had, when rejected, made a new life and family with another man. The key words are “pink silk sheets” and “Keeping my promise to her mother..”

Yes, reality, but no smoke or fire! Honest! Hahahaha!

Thanks David…..Trevor

stormwolf on 17-10-2015
Beautiful Secret
Absolutely beautiful and moving Trevor. No wonder you are among my very favourite poets here or elsewhere. It brought tears to my eyes.

This will go down as one of my very fav poems.

How mellow we can become with age and what wisdom can come and take the place of youthful exuberance.

A truly tender emotive piece that moved me deeply. Fact or fiction you have delved deeply into human emotions and life experiences.

I would love to buy a book of your poems.

Alison x

Author’s Reply:
Thank you, Alison,

for your fine comments and considering it a fav and the nomination, much appreciated. It is fiction, but who knows? Arranged it as prose first, but it looked a bit too thin and spread out, so changed it to prosetry style. Still working on my fictional psychological life story, about three-quarts rough copy finished, trying to keep a red thread continuance and lyrical style consistency, not easy!

Thanks again, really chuffed.

Trevor x

Mikeverdi on 17-10-2015
Beautiful Secret
You are a star Trevor, when you write like this few can touch you, just wonderful stuff. Congrats on the Nib and the Nomination.


Author’s Reply:
Thank you, Mike,

your fine words quite undeserving, but very encouraging and much appreciated. Got to catch up on your much needed straight spoken honest work! Thanks again for fine comments, glad it seems to have made the transit, again, really chuffed!