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A Tragedy
by franciman
Originally published on April 1, 2016 in Poetry        

Act III, and I've only just learned to project…

Life in Act III and fast approaching Curtain
A player, vaguely played, and stuttering his lines.
Til mutters fill the feral Upper Circle
venting pity dressed as shitty platitudes

The play's the thing, of course; the drama.
A panorama laid before the crowd.
And also bared, the naked soul of someone
who cannot see the writing on his wall.

'Bums on seats' is not just theatre parlance.
It's down and outs, whose worn souls are holed.
Who bay for blood from down at heel performers.
And rend a player's garments with sharp tongues.

This act become a study in contrition
is bathed in light beyond the darkened stalls
The penitent is drowned within a teardrop
or dies in shame at silent curtain calls

© franciman (franciman on OLD UKA)

UKArchive ID: 36389
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Mikeverdi on 02-04-2016
A Tragedy
Why hasn't this attracted more attention, I think it's brilliant writing. You really are back to your best Jim.


Author’s Reply:
Thanks Mike,

I'm not the best communicator mate. It's not entirely surprising that so few visit my work. Kindred spirits and good friends always do though.



stormwolf on 03-04-2016
A Tragedy
I dont know how I missed this but it's incredible. The rhythm reminds me of 'Fresh Flowers' which was one of my all time favs from you. This really deserves to be read far more widely as do all your poems. I will be first in line for your book.

The title perfect and it held me to the very last line.

Alison x

A wee nom 😉

Author’s Reply:
Hi Alison,

Would you like to be my Agent?

So glad you liked this, I felt sure that you would. You have a rare gift for reading into the depths of my verse. In reality, I'm much more shallow than my verse. LOL!

Greatly appreciate the Nom..


Jim x