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The Canyons of the Moon
by franciman
Originally published on November 27, 2015 in Poetry        


The sun dips to kiss a cactus
as it stoops to conquer night,
And deep coyote silence
crowns the shadows.
Broken orange fingers
flowing swiftly over rock,
See the vultures fly
in silent witness.

The pale milk whiteness
of the dawning early light,
High above the burnt
ochre desert floor,
Paints a jaundiced eyeline
round a lizard's eye,
And a red kite cries
in endless circles.

It's the breaking morning
in the Canyons of the Moon.
And the cacti stand
in shortening shadow.
Watching scorpions dancing
as the heat gets in their tails,
And the hoopoes rise
in warning flight.

© franciman (franciman on OLD UKA)

UKArchive ID: 35864
Archived comments for The Canyons of the Moon

Mikeverdi on 27-11-2015
The Canyons of the Moon
Beautiful, your words paint a picture with every line. I loved this one.


Author’s Reply:
Glad you liked it. Written a couple of years ago.



ValDohren on 27-11-2015
The Canyons of the Moon
A very eloquent and inspired piece Jim, you have a wonderful way with words. Great stuff.

Val x

Author’s Reply:
Thanks Val,

It's really good to see you back on the site.


Jim x

Bozzz on 29-11-2015
The Canyons of the Moon
Redolent of my visits to Arizona. Though I prefer to write in rhyme myself, for me this prose piece is as good of its form as it gets. Excellent – Bravo Jim….Best wishes, David

Author’s Reply:
David, you are a true gentleman. Even though you are but a poor restrained rhymer!



Bozzz on 30-11-2015
The Canyons of the Moon
Hi Friend Jim, I much enjoyed your delicate reply to my comment on your poem and most grateful that you prevented a 'storm' by allowing the word 'poor' to precede the word 'restricted'! Yours….David

P.S. I will respond to your latest kind storm poem in due course

Author’s Reply: