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In the Kidron Valley
by franciman
Originally published on November 16, 2015 in Poetry        

Written in anger

Sangatte burns
to salve the naked grief of France.
A Carmagnole: the Ca Ira;
and Muslims hang from lamp-posts.

Along the Champs Elysee,
uneasy Franks
take to their wind-swept boulevard.
To swallow a hard truth:
that Western youth can die
in the pursuit of happiness.

Sodom falls
and tomorrow Gomorrah
will follow.
It’s just a line.
Shared scripture passage.
Yet such iron-clad credo
calls massacre
upon our innocents

© franciman (franciman on OLD UKA)

UKArchive ID: 35805
Archived comments for In the Kidron Valley

stormwolf on 16-11-2015
In the Kidron Valley
Bravo! Bravo!

Glad you managed to find the words to voice that anger. I am struck dumb with fury!

I dare say I may manage to write one day but it will not be politically correct.

Alison x

Author’s Reply:
Thanks Alison,

It's by no means the finished article but the rawness speaks to the anger in me.


Jim x

Pronto on 16-11-2015
In the Kidron Valley
Great words and we have every right to be angry. Ironically two days before Paris over two hundred and forty were killed in Beirut by car bombs but here in the West it was just a bye-line. Sad times. Thanks for writing this.

Author’s Reply:
Hi Pronto,

You are so right, and yet the PC brigade will have us believe it is in bad taste to make the contrast. We forget the Russian souls lost the previous week too.



Mikeverdi on 16-11-2015
In the Kidron Valley
The writing is on the wall if those in power could only see. Maybe send your excellent words. We will all need to hold our nerve as the Arab Spring turns into a Winter of Discontent.


Author’s Reply:
Hi Mike,

The minute we lose our compassion we really are lost. And damned.

cheers mate,


gwirionedd on 16-11-2015
In the Kidron Valley
The next stage of World War Three, which began in 2001, was marked last Friday, I believe. I wonder what Nostradamus said about this filthy rape of his homeland…

What do you mean with “Musulmen bound for lamp-posts”?

Author’s Reply:
Hi Archie,

I am about to change the line to read 'Muslims hang from lamp-posts'. In revolutionary France, in the lead up to The Terror, so called enemies of the people were hung from the lamp-posts. The poem is as much about the two parallels as anything else. Hope I'm not teaching you to suck eggs?