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From love through madness to the grave
by bozzz
Originally published on February 1, 2016 in Poetry        

Will mankind’s self-destruct button beat environmental change to bring our voyage on planet earth to an end?

What crumb of comfort stays between the sheets,
that joy exists beyond orgasm’s end?
Procreation, nature’s will, secretes
a heart’s desire that claims its dividend.

The rest remains a struggle to exist,
the pain of birth, the stress of life to come.
To have and hold the precious jewel of tryst,
awhile the world in hatred, beats the drum.

Each friendly pulse of heartbeat signals love,
but death becomes its purpose with a sword.
Preaching peace, the countries fly their dove,
yet carrying a threat to life on board;
a nuclear sub, a ‘recce’ plane, a man.
Religions play their games to stir the pot,
mercy is an absent friendly plan;
believe with us, or else be still and shot.

From bed to grave our cyclic madness grows,
the self-destructing button not quite pressed,
for mankind on the edge, stays bellicose,
while anti-war protesters face arrest.

Behind the scenes on Earth’s decaying crust
environmental change lurks with intent,
the second man-made route to die in dust,
as scientists cry halt to world dissent.

The rest of us stay helpless, pray and hope,
fear for children facing years ahead,
kid ourselves that governments will cope,
do our bit, yet sleep uneased, in dread.

So what good news will make us unafraid?
that British athletes win Olympic gold?
that British songs still make the hit parade?
That Man’ United ‘s team have all been sold?

The media tries hard to dumb us down,
but on-line writers live to carry truth.
Stay confident that poets are the crown,
and evolution will succeed, forsooth.

Small comfort indeed !

David February 2016    


© bozzz (Bozzz on OLD UKA)

UKArchive ID: 36164
Archived comments for From love through madness to the grave

Supratik on 01-02-2016
From love through madness to the grave

Author’s Reply:
Thank you Supratik for your generous marking and, above all, for your kindly giving my poem a 'hot' category. I guess we both rail at the world's stupidity in thinking that war is a solution to anything. Education, Education. My best…David.

pdemitchell on 01-02-2016
From love through madness to the grave
A tirade against folly in perfect ABAB quatrains and I am all for inventive crumbs of (southern) comfort! Paul

Author’s Reply:
Thanks Paul – I think that crumbs of comfort create themselves and are independent of the source of their liquor. Cheers….David

sweetwater on 02-02-2016
From love through madness to the grave
You have summed it all up for me, fantasic battle cry for peace, if that phrase isn't too much at odds with itself. Sue.

Author’s Reply:
Sue, my apologies for delayed response. Many thanks for your generous mark and comment. We tread a common path on the most important issues if I have summed up for you that is a great compliment. My thanks too for that. Loved your oxymoron – no that's not the right word – about a battle cry for peace. XXX instead?…Yours, David

pommer on 02-02-2016
From love through madness to the grave
Yes David, such a splendid tirade against the foolishness of man. Best wishes Peter

Author’s Reply:
I am so glad that both you and Paul used the word 'tirade' instead of rant in your comments – a touch kinder! The piece is the kind of thing you do very well yourself – one just has to explode and let it all pour out….my best…David

stormwolf on 02-02-2016
From love through madness to the grave
Hi David, you have excelled yourself yet again. The voice in this poem was full of ancient wisdom. The first stanza started it off perfectly. The pleasure and fleeting joy then the long arduous walk through a world on fire.

It's so true that we shall never get anything resembling truth from the press.

The Kardasians take up half the front page while few know that Fukushima has now killed off almost the entire Ocean and whales and seals are dying from starvation. All the fish are gone down to the shellfish. 😢

It makes me cry for the sea creatures, not to mention the multitudes of

children now succumbing to thyroid cancer in Japan.

Oh, but let's not be distracted by issues that afflict mankind

when there is yet another vacuous Hollywood ceremony to distract the masses.

I don't know how you do it but I am so glad that you do.

Musicians with protest songs and poets are called to speak up.


Alison xxx

Author’s Reply:
The heavens shake and the shrapnel turns to kind things ! Great thanks Alison for your manifold gifts, the mark, the recommendations and all else, let alone the kindred comment. Yes, there are so many things that need our attention as well as the tough tasks of work and just living – we can never catch up and that leads to periodic explosions that come from all of us. I promised to let you know how I find the time to fiddle with the keys – literally by buying a special American watch that can sound an alarm at 8 different times of day. This tells me when to take a walk, when to take my 16 different pills, when to eat without letting them interfere with each other and other things. By this means I can stop worrying about my next required action and focus entirely on my writing. It is not perfect because life is never a totally ordered procedure, except in North Korea perhaps. I try to prevent Meg being too harassed by it all, cooking especially, but we all three rub along reasonably well. “That bloody clock”, alias David in disguise, gets most of the brickbats and that is as it should be. Meg is just bloody marvellous and caring and she is really expending her time giving it to me – so for my poems read Meg's hard work.

I do hope that eventually we shall see you back on line soon, but realise that your present is still a very busy life despite the pain that must be coped with. I expect your lovely grandchild keeps you even more busy on occasion. My love…David

Savvi on 02-02-2016
From love through madness to the grave
Very well penned David, Storm says it all really, great poetry.

Author’s Reply:
My thanks Keith, good friend. Yes Alison, who has many physical problems, is very kind and has helped me through her own free verse and knowledge of poetry, to cope with my own preferred metier. Sounds odd but it is true. For now, my best wishes…David

Supratik on 03-02-2016
From love through madness to the grave
I don't think I have ever made a comment like this before! But believe you me, I was completely taken in by the sheer poetic genius and the layout and structuring of the content. It also felt like reading my more intelligent version. I could say nothing more other than what I wrote!

However, I think I should express myself clearly, and hence writing another comment. I am hopeful that if people like you came forward and made the world see how profitable it would actually be to rid ourselves from the perils of self-destruction, then your brilliantly written last stanza will surely come into fruition.

You know what…I got an interesting comment in one of my posts (not here!!)… aren't you tired writing about peace… I replied when I was completely out of irritation saying no, I will never get tired until the world gets tired of wars.

Keep writing the world that it's possible… I have tremendous faith in England and in Europe.


Author’s Reply:
My great thanks to you for your kind comment. I am so tired tonight that I beg to reply again as a follow up. Would love to have a deeper exchange of views and to know each other better. Yours aye, David. Now continued but decided I will send you a note via the UKA private message system. Yours D.

Gothicman on 04-02-2016
From love through madness to the grave
Yes, another brilliant literary working of the poetry genre, David.The ability and agility towards acute, astute, resolute, brain gymnastics is totally beyond belief, all considered, and deserving the highest accolades as demonstrated, and well-earned. It must be the fruits of the catharsis effect! But, even so, people read interesting work that says something important, and the drop in the ocean can cause expanding rings that reach far and wide, especially to every day ordinary people, who in their own eloquent way can relate the dissatisfaction on to a far greater number of ears and hearts! All grease to your elbow, David, and power to that wickedly sharp mind of yours, I fear you are last of a precious breed.

When we'er out of Europe, a little happy, moderately-poor, but proud again egg, I'll be happy though! Hahahaha! Otherwise you and me, we sing (me hardly discernible) from the same secular hymn sheet, you with the big baritone picture, me with alto-soprano poor individuals who've lost their way!, especially myself! Hahaha!

Keep your pencil sharpened David, we need you and the quality you bring!


Author’s Reply:
Ha, a brilliant infiltration into the pro-Euro ranks, your chapter on the virtue of Brexit is applauded for its impertinence – great stuff !! That deals with the guff. As to the poem, I can only say that as you are the UKA's present leading poet, your encouragement and kind words are very much appreciated – thank you Trevor. As to the hymn sheet, Barbirolli it was who described an alto as a 'Low woman' and I think, even in your most modest frame of mind, you would wish yourself my suggestion of a worthy basso profundo – lower still of course. Ha Ha. Thanks good fellow songster…..David

Supratik on 05-02-2016
From love through madness to the grave
Yes sure David!

Author’s Reply:

Pronto on 07-02-2016
From love through madness to the grave
Alison spoke for me more eloquently than I myself could have put it David. A brilliant insightful poem to be sure.

I wonder what the Earth will look like 1000 years from now?

Author’s Reply:
Apols for late reply. 1000 years must be at least a score of wars away. From among the few particles of incinerated ash that remain of me in Hell, if you are still alive then I will wish you well. I do not know which of us will be better off. For now, please accept my thanks for your generous words. In friendship…David