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The Troglodytes of Westminster
by bozzz
Originally published on January 22, 2016 in Poetry        

The ruling Party secrets management team, who make it
their business to know all about all.

The ‘troglomeisters’ guard the darker holes
where hidden perpetrators live in cliques,
the well-trained busybodies, alias moles
who handle party poisonous briefs and leaks.

But also know the habits of each member,
their history from school and on, required,
behaviour of their partner and their gender,
develop means of pressure if desired.

Who slept with whom and how and why and where?
What secret information was discussed,
Inter-party romance – grande affaire,
or sexual pleasure based on primal lust?

Who takes envelopes – and are they brown?
Which lobby seeks to undermine what Bill?
Whose duck-house was repaired, who paid – The Crown?
They search for those with hands still in the till.

Who sits with solid conscience of their own,
that may not vote along the party line?
What vice have they, what secret may be blown,
that gives the whips a threat to undermine?

No place for squeamish souls to earn their pay,
‘The Bugs Brigade’ describes this dirty team,
the manner of their torture – “By the way……..”,
their casual words can end a covert dream.

David January 2016

© bozzz (Bozzz on OLD UKA)

UKArchive ID: 36110
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stormwolf on 22-01-2016
The Troglodytes of Westminster
OMG David, you are on fire! How you manage to put out work of this stature, bearing in mind all you have to deal with, I will never know. I take my hat off to you! (Well I would if I wore one)

Yes, corruption and intrigue everywhere now. Our only chance I fear, is to ditch the lot, every last self serving sleekit one. However, we are now ruled by unelected psychos in the EU. I could mention pigs heads and strange initiation rites but enough said.


Alison xx

happy to nominate

Author’s Reply:
My happy thanks for your Nom – a very big and welcome surprise. Yes, you are right, the machinations of party politics have become as bad here as in the USA. We have to mock and show that we know about what is going on behind closed doors. Re the choice between governance by Euro and UK nut cases in charge, we have to watch the bottom line of our economy. As half our exports go to Europe that says we have to stay and gradually build sense into the relationship.

If we go for Brexit, because of the trade barrier duties that will immediately arise in consequence, we will overnight lose a large proportion of half our exports – which means we will go broke. I have tried to deal with this problem in my next submission – already made.

Re time for writing, I will answer your question via a message.

In serious mode, yours aye …David.

pommer on 22-01-2016
The Troglodytes of Westminster
Hi David,another one of your excellent observations.I agree with Alison, how do you manage it with all your health problems.The corruption and bribery as well as the political rhetoric seems to be everywhere.It will never alter.

By the way, I had reasonable good news.No more hospital visits for three months, and a scan in six months time.The biopsy was not conclusive.It appears my symptoms were side effects of new medication,but they are continuing to investigate.I hope you are keeping well,have a nice weekend,both of you, your friend Peter.

Author’s Reply:
Peter, I am so glad to hear your personal news. But the drug side effects situation is an escalating problem worldwide. It seems there is no alternative to letting Bigpharma shoot first and wait for the customers to find the difficulties afterwards. I know I will be dead before they find out which one of 14 is steadily killing me – now waiting another month in the queue for an MRI scan! My thanks for your encouragement re the poem…..Yours aye…David

Gothicman on 22-01-2016
The Troglodytes of Westminster
Strange and worrying times now, David, to be sure. At least the pigs in Animal Farm were locally bred! Only a two pronged Armageddon can sort this mess out, a religious purge from fantasy to reality, and the masses overthrowing the Illuminists, shoe-shodding politicians, and international industrialists! Why do I always go global when you write only of Westminster? Hahaha! Great writing as always, and a much enjoyed and appreciated read.

Best, Trevor

Author’s Reply:
Yes, there is no shortage of subject matter to use for comment, but creating acceptable rhymic verse let alone lyrical stuff on political subjects is not easy. I am tempted to move house, but realise I am not ambitious enough to write as you do.

As you say, some sort of revolution is bound to occur – but not in our lifetime, I guess. The madness of Brexit and consequent tariff barriers will bring a rise in unemployment and drive UK wages still further down as manufacturers struggle to maintain profit margins in sales to the EU. Thanks again Trevor for your encouragement…..My best, David.

Gothicman on 24-01-2016
The Troglodytes of Westminster
Yes, I admit, I am careless with the accuracy or relevance of my comments more than often now, which is feels personally quite unrewarding, mostly because I'm still highly mobile and active, with few quiter times for concentrating my attention, and for which I apologise. I don't think you have any grounds for wanting or needing to change house, as there should be room for many house styles on this little writer's estate! Each to his or her own, own means and vehicle of expression, even if content messaging and novelty presentation forms have taken prime position in modern creative writing making its combination with classic strictly-regulated rhyme increasingly difficult. You remain masterful at achieving this mix, but you have admitted yourself there is difficulty in achieving sufficient gravitas in rhyme form sometimes. All want to improve their writing without losing or compromising too much of the unique personal characteristics they're blessed with, with regard to style and presentation, but only a few aspire to becoming widely recognised as great poets or authors; most are happy just feeling the freedom to be creative, to say something, either personally in serious work, or for example more altruistically in humorous work, to perhaps achieve relief of tension by the catharsis involved, or to just socially mutually interact with like-minded people?

By the way, we import more from the EU, than we export, a negative tri-monthly balance of about £7 billion. Trade tariffs would be met with trade tariffs, not good for the EU to bring this situation about. Also, you have to distinguish between goods and services, and even here Britain has the advantage.

I'll try to make my comment subject matter more relevant to the poem referred to in future, but I suppose the continuous political mess that seems to have no solution, and risk of war again, that makes a few sentences totally inadequate as personal opinions anyway! The poetical quality of your work is so normally excellent as to be expected to promise nothing less with each new submission! But there are we lesser orthodox-schooled mortals, or who rejected it, who prefer to just express thoughts in other less-restrictive writing forms.

Respectfully, Trevor

Author’s Reply:
Oh dear Trevor, I beg to point out that you make the same import/export calculation as our leading mathematician, Sir Michael Caine. Of course we import more from the EU than we export, we are one country and they are circa 25, but if we Brexit, our cost of living would rise dramatically and even more important the pressure to keep wages even lower will come ‒ not a good combination in our present struggling currency situation. Should we not be comparing like with like?

For me, the important figure is the percentage of our exports that go to the EU and that is nearly 50%. Further, any respective import tariffs would go to the respective Government’s pockets – a silly and wasteful game for all concerned. What is the aim of TTIP if not to reduce this nonsense – though I hasten to add this latter proposal has some basic flaws due to deliberately intended side effects which must be removed.

For certain there will be few who have access to the pluses and minuses of the whole situation. Surely we are far too intelligent to want to be among them, so we can cast our various opinions into the maelstrom with confidence that they will be rejected by others. I am doing just this for amusement for as long as I last – hopefully now a few months at least. Watching at first hand the progress of one’s physical degeneration and being unable to do anything much about it, is very annoying and stressful ! Keep walking is the only prescription I am given by those who are still alive, the dead do not reply to my questions!

I was not claiming any special prowess by saying just that political poetry is difficult in rhyme, but more to show the folly of my ways.

As ever, my best to you special friend…..David