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Cruel Tricks And Wrong Turns
by Bradene
Originally published on January 17, 2014 in Poetry        

Yet it only takes one small step to change the course of a life…

A complete re-write which I earnestly hope. is an improvement.

Stooped beside the trash bin
he scrabbled around,
his hand pulling
out a small polystyrene carton.

Opening it he found
a half eaten burger in a bun,
he stuffed it unceremoniously
into his hungry mouth

whilst his other hand
was busily searching, for dessert.
Images of what he may find
freaked me out.

I tasted bile in my throat
smelled vomit on my own breath,
approaching him tentatively,
I offered my Mars bar and hot Latte.

His faded blue eyes grew wide
with maybe a question?
– What was it?
Why would she do that?
or, how did I get here?


© Bradene (Bradene on OLD UKA)

UKArchive ID: 32122
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Elfstone on 18-01-2014
Cruel Tricks And Wrong Turns
It would have been interesting to have the original version beside this so that we could see in what way you have re-written. It is good as it is. It is so sad that what is described is so accurate. Elfstone

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Bozzz on 18-01-2014
Cruel Tricks And Wrong Turns
I liked this one too – a tragedy and humanity in a few words.

Good write, David

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Pronto on 20-01-2014
Cruel Tricks And Wrong Turns
A short, sad and sorry tale but all too real I fear. Well told poet.

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usutu on 16-03-2014
Cruel Tricks And Wrong Turns
I thought we had become a better country, and this was a thing of the past – sadly not.


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