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Will those authors listed please indicate their permission to publish their work by providing a bio (not more than 50 words, and as soon as possible please!) and any header comment(s) on the piece/pieces to the email address below. Any plugs for the author’s work/website may be included. Both may be trimmed if space demands.

All work will be proofed and copy edited ready for print publication.

If you wish to provide an updated version of the nominated story or poem, please inform and send in the email. Updating on the site may not necessarily be valid as compilation has already started.

Please title your email with your site name only.

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Alphadog1 The Cupboard

Andrea At A Snail’s Pace

bluepootle The Voice Of Reason

bluepootle Waiting Room

Chrissy Falling Down

Cooky The Silence of War

CVaughan Friend to the End

e-Griff Red Roses

e-griff Shards

expat Rising Son

expat In the can

Footsie First World Wars and What We Can Learn From Them

Footsie Sand Castle

Franciman Walking With Baba

geordietaff Janet and John Go To School

geordietaff  Xerxes

John Shade The Terminator

Kat We Have a Problem

lallylello The girl on the train

madmary Johnny takes a dip

Nemo The Street

Nomenklatura  Kindertotengeschichten (Dringendstrasse/Isle's Birthday)

Nomenklatura From the Andes to Andalucia (Small Timers/The Woman on the Beach/Chupe)

Orangedream Never Can say Goodbye

pennywise Shirley's diary

Roy Bateman Excuse Me, Mr Kong

Savvi Scribe Pan Head

Sirat Checkmate

Sirat Doubt

SugarMama34 The Small Percentage

The BigBadG My Final Flight on the Never Never

Weefatfella The Satyriasis

Zenbhuddist A Dangerous game


Albermund The long and the Short of it

Amman A Gentle Man

Amman Mirror

Andrea Mother-in-Law

Aurelio J'accuse

Barenib Mother's Day

Barenib Scene from a North London train window

bo_duke99 donnie small

bozz Men, Marbles and Memory

Bradene Rex Mort

butters who wants to live forever?

caliban Boat People

Capricorn Time's Ribbons

ChairmanWow Living Memory

Chant Blue Blood

chant the absinthe room

Cooky The Bible According To Netto


Corin A Drawing Down Of Blinds

C Vaughan At the Graveyard


deepoceanfish2Cyber Search

Dylan Dreaming Frankenstein

Dylan Hope Street

Elfstone Tigh mo Shenair

Elfstone Write

Footsie Elephant

Footsie Poetry explained

Franciman My Ma

franciman The Grassmarket

ifyouplease Omega

ifyouplease The middle-aged woman

Ionicus Images
Ionicus Bare Facts

Japanesewind Big C

japanesewind It Rained An Ocean

Kat Your World

Leila Tree Alphabet

Mikeverdi Cutting the ties that bind

Mikeverdi That Bloody War

Nemo Closing The Door

nemo Conference

niece Golden Butterflies

Niece Monsoon Dreams

Nomenklatura A Thousand stories

Nomenklatura Antic Hay

orangedream Despatched

Popeye Words Misspelt

Roger303 Have you seen Molly?


Romany The glitter path

Savvi scribe I Can't Imagine Why

Simon How can you sleep?

Slovitt Erin

Slovitt Why I Live Alone

Stormwolf A Different Field to Plough

Stormwolf Concealment

Sullivan Song for Paul

Sunken Sister

teifii To Robert Graves

texas greg I am a Rock

Valdohren Call me softly

Woodbine Dying is no More

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