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UKA Site Submission Guidelines

Bowing to popular demand (as ever), I've scribbled some submission guidelines.

1. Can you please bear in mind the publishing days (Mon and Fri) and submit accordingly? Please post no more than 4 pieces per member, per week. Whilst not wanting to discourage anyone from submitting, it's rather unfair if one author hogs both (1-50, 51-100) showcase pages and I do like to give everyone a fair crack of the whip. It also allows commenting and crit to be more in-depth and useful.

It's probably a good idea to submit stuff no later than midnight on Thursday and Sunday if you want to see your work posted on the following submission day although you can, of course, submit whenever you like. Submissions are automatically shuffled, so the last subbed is not necessarily the last on the page when published

2. You can edit, delete and move your stuff into another category after it's been published on the site by going into Your Account, searching for the relevant piece and using the buttons to the right of it.

3. Don't forget you can submit your work to our forum workshops (if you want more in-depth help and critique) here --> UKA WORKSHOPS
Of course you can just join the forums for fun, too!

The forums do need a separate login, but of course you can use the same username and p/w as on the main site if you wish.


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