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Regret To Inform You: Eliza, March 1916

From a series of pieces in which I address my maternal grandfather, long dead before I was born. Eliza was his mother ...   In her flint-walled cottage your mother braces bowed shoulders, searches dresser drawers. Hands shaking, retrieves her blacks - those she will wear for years to mourn your loss. Off the village green, the old church steeple trembles in its timbers and reeded stone, bells tolling, cracked clock face stopped.  And still, ...
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Another rewrite. "Theo" Theo is with us no moreAnd I fear I might be to blame.Only tangentiallyI meant him no harm. I mused his mortality on SaturdayAnd he deceased pre-dawn on Monday. His manner of passingA show of ironyA street performanceUnder the aegis of the Absurdist SupremeWho hearing silent thoughtsOften likes to act them outJust for the craic. Theo was a broken thorn in society's sideturned septic. A busted flush, best avoided.Sour sweat oozed from ...
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Dawn Webs

A poem about finding relevance in a turbulant world, family and loved onesand claiming your place in it all.(with loose reference to various cosmologies worldwide which speak of Mother Spider)  There’s a dark night ahead.But,while the light remains...I‘ll host a banquet in your honourand sit you head of tableThen, help you to your rest when indigo descends.The pull is on the web,but while these legs still walk I’ll fold you all in in caring kindness ...
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An edit of a fairly recent pome ...
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Such A Lucky Man

A song for all those unable to cope with the insensitivities of fame. Maybe they are not so lucky after all ...
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Bit early but still...Just checking the submission process :)Well, that's my excuse ...
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Youth, London

Youth’s a time when magic bouncesthrough the heart, a heart that trouncesall things monochrome.Life bubbles like foamand you roam in flounces. Youth’s a time to gaze in wonder,youth’s a time to trip and blunderthrough daft episodes,daydreaming in codesof exploding thunder. Yet, at school and college, I heardnothing sweeter than “Kate’s my bird,these trainers are Nike,Dave’s got a shit bike,he’s just, like, a fat turd.” Is this dead chaff all humankindcan offer me? When will I ...
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Don’t Grieve Too Long

My first bit of inspiration for a long time now ...
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A Voyage Through London

From Tufnell Park to Church Street Ken ...
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Stone Circles

Following on from 'City of Light' this is one from my archive dated 2003. Maybe a bit similar, without magic, but with reality. All things must pass ...
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Uncle Eddie

It was in the late sixties as London was swinging and Eddie, my uncle, his flared trousers flinging pet dogs across pavements of silvery ice, his sideburns as though he was on the phone twice, snuck into a bar down the alleys of Chinatown, where a young gentleman wrapped in an eiderdown, “ban the bomb” symbols and interesting smell sat staring as though he was under a spell and began with “Hey man,” in a ...
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Green Grass of Home

Is the grass greener? ...
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Guess I was Just feeling my age. Plus I wanted a practice piece 🙂 Specks of dawn threw darkening doubt about my peace this morn, to leave her scars imprinted by their calling, stalling future breaths: no more now, than mortal flecks upon my window  pane. And fading there, all future thoughts that may in heart remain ...
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The Wraith

Wraith.A ghost or ghostlike image of someone, especially one seen shortly before or after their death ...
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Living in the Now

The start of the next Cancer Diary. I was waiting for my Chemo results ...
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Chapter 32: Ambush

Chapter 32 of The Light-Father: the Phoenix leaves the railyard to take to rails neglected during six years of ceaseless rain. Luck is with them as fogs form but as they reach Beorminghas, the City of Towers, their luck runs out...  “Damn, I forgot to test the release,” Harold muttered as he reset the brake control. “Without a vacuum in the pipes, the brakes in the carriages will not work when we need them.”“Surely the ...
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Broken Dream

Have you ever felt young again, then realised you are growing old? *The Old Man of Calke is a very old oak tree in Calke Parkland UK ...
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Old Billy Fly

I worked as a domiciliary carer and a carer for realtives so this song is based on true stories of those losing loved ones to dementia:      Day after day – the lines crawl across his face     Memories keep him warm – by the unlit fireplace     The bills lie in the hallway – as the bailiffs come and go     The shadows at his front gate – always stop to say hello ...
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Perchance to Dream

Short poem, slightly amended since posting (thanks to Swep) ...
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