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Grand Opening

Great expectations ...
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Black Dogs Guard The Gods

Defending you, though it doesn't feel like it; about endogenous depression ...
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A poem ...
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Being peripheral

You were gracing the sun and the balcony The window, hiding behind the breezy winds Vast and pronounced evening shadows Were playing a symphony. In this beautiful, silent moment I was just another company A lowly poet, cheap and ready With catchy and attractive rhyming stance Floating and warring Content on the surface of those Dense ‘sous-entendu’ words. I was merely peripheral Engaged in cosmetics, Never inside the content Groping for the ‘non-dit’. It is ...
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“The End of an Affair”

reworked tanka I said, "Don’t love me, ‘we’ can never ever be". I said another held my heart, my hopes, my dreams. She heard, but Caz did not...'hear'. We had days of fun. Romping nights of lusting too. Overshadowed by that other lover lurking, behind doors of memory. Caz wanted to ask if my, “Darling I love you” whispers were for her or aimed at the other one. I could not answer truly. I had ...
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Cheese at Bedtime

Eating Cheese just before retiring to bed is inviting strange dreams in the night my mother always said. I loved ignoring mother's advice. This is just a bit of daftness that came upon me whilst my wife was talking (And talking) Blackbirds chased me around the room Until I hit ‘em with a broom Then they flew straight up my nose Whilst I was modelling ladies’ clothes Next I argued with my mother Had a ...
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The Gunslinger

Intro:  I really liked seeing the "cowboy" walking about the city centre when I was young. I've always loved eccentrics so this is a poem on one of my favourites ...
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The Kingfisher

Recently saw while on a walk a kingfisher by a riverbank. Only the third time I've been lucky enough to see this beautiful bird. This inspired me to write this ...
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... To you, lot has remained untold now it has lost its relevance, so I’m silent. Still many moments were caught during our honeymoon in the solo pictures I took of you in my camera with your myriad enticing gestures. Seeing them after such a long time I felt found, I also saw many videos of our family, stages of our world. But how can I say I saw them?  All of them are beating ...
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First Night

This was for the prose challenge, I missed it ...
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The cry

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carrying the epithet "la serenissima" since the morning of history... Salviamo Venezia! ...
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The Entire Company

My submission for the current Prose Challenge:  An exploration of the normally unseen frenzy of creative passion, torment and struggle required of any team of thespians that dedicates itself to the creation of great theatre ...
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Drama Club

For Griff's prose challenge... "Base your story around the cast of characters in a theatre - variety, dramatic, Greek, whatever. Story can be humour, drama, tragedy, mystery... " So, below, a little bit of some of that ...! 1,532 words ...
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Lucy! You Are Awful!

I'm speechless! ...
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This is an evocation of what it means to write poetry in an increasingly unpoetic world ...
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super-atomic fallout! ...
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