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The Prisoner

My friend Miguel, he was minister of health... I believe he is no longer with us ...
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Catch that pigeon

Waiting for retirement ...
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School Reunion 2008

celebrating its half-centenary ...
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Fancy A Sarnie ?

Intro: up to 50 words (delete this text and enter your own) Who doesn't like a sandwich ? This will make someone hungry I guarantee !  Main text of your writing. As a young lad I liked bread and jam, then again I loved cheese n pickle or a sandwich of corned beef or spam. I was also keen on beef dripping as it had such a lovely taste, "eat all the crusts, mum said ...
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Tempest Tossed

Faith in tribulation Inside those half-dreaming lids where man attempts to find some kinship and wakes, eyes wide... There lies a common thread  that binds us all together enduring, eternal. Though trials and circumstance afflict us sorely, The Captain is still in command. I lie, a storm-cursed sailor tired of dreams… But waiting in the guts of me to see dry land.     ...
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to Gogol ...
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in memory of my Dad ...
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Innocence Lost

Dedicated to the innocent child Omran Dagneesh the little Syrian boy in the ambulance.  ...
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Seeking Disillusionment

is part of normal human functioning, a recently discussed observation ...
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We Oft Forget

We live and die we hope and dream between sleep and awake We hope and we dream   We want and we need we hate and loathe between here and eternity We hate and we loathe   We're good and bad we love and dream and hate and loathe and kill and destroy and we pick up the pieces   We think and we learn We think that we learn but between us we oft ...
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Towers Above the Mist

Inspired by a picture of LA towers rising out of the fog. Math is a pun on the numbers of economics but the capitalisation refers to the Math of Celtic Myth, brother of Don, a magician who could still sea and sky but could only thrive with his feet in the lap of a virgin. Must have been inconvenient but the virgin here is Gaia herself.   Towers Above the Mist To the drum of ...
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The sad story of a successful man ...
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Natura Naturans, 5

I am struggling to keep this story alive, so apologies in advance if this part is weak ...
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The Potion

Contempt is sprinkled with a pinch of pique and slowly added to her odious pot. She whisks some spite into the mix to wreak revenge. It bubbles until piping hot. Enticed, you sniff the effervescent brew and salivating test a morsel first, but soon you're hooked on ladles of her stew and gobble quickly, unaware it's cursed. Awakening, Chimera's madness surges through your body, bending as it shakes with rage. Unleashed, your tongue succumbs to ...
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Summer Books.

The first flurry of falling leaves ...
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Christmas Aunties

Auntie Elsie, not quite a Chelsea pensioner but can’t see too clear or mention a fight in a local car park without waxing vocal about men a lot and not relaxing, says aardvark when she means ardent, bless the workings of her head, and sergeants instead of sardines. Auntie Jean scavenges in the fridge for gherkins and sangria and challenges her blistered and ganglier sister Fay to a game of bridge. For shame! She can’t ...
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The pain of the inevitabilty for some ...
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