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Saying Goodbye…But not yet.

I wrote this last week, I had been thinking of the lives of all loved ones and how precious they are, and remain so always ...
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Another Year Older

His birthday treat ...
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On the safe side of midnight

just an idyll... The storm is over and the crisis passed, it was a hell to go through but well worth it only since we reached the other side of love, where we are safe to go on with our journey towards growing light, development of the enlightenment and everlasting future glories. All we have to do is simply to continue never giving up our quest for getting better and achieving the impossible, at last ...
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For Chloe

A Bookend to Millie ...
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Sawdust rings

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Mojo (a jot)

Post-winter blues ...
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A handful of dirt

The day was cold and grey, I was wishing I'd worn a vest under my shirt.Then the bikers arrived and I wished I'd worn my leather. You wouldn't of cared either way. I just wanted to say good-bye.  ...
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Professor Plum’s Humble Advice

as a behavioural scientist, not as a politician. I just wanted this writing out there again.   All schools should be separated from religion. Children should be banned from attending all religious places of worship until the age of reason, ideally at age fifteen +. Children should have the basic human right of not having psychotic phenomena inculcated into their sensitive developing psyche, only ethical socialisation. If followed, and with the law enforced, after several generations, religion ...
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I Am Most Compelling

noticing this just for the moment ...
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Is Nothing For Keeps?

the lottery of children's destinies; faction/fiction ...
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Listening to a photo

I took your photo, some time ago when exactly was it, I wouldn’t know I take a look, listen carefully in it I see a message suddenly, stunningly coming clearly from the image hidden till now in the printed page I observe the waters, rays, its hues but if you were rising or setting, I have no clue. Wouldn’t scientists and artists also fail to tell the time and track the trail. Each day you ...
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The silent voice

It speaks no words but is the more expressive, that voice from within that never can be silenced for its obstinate persistance in insisting on the truth however inconvenient and unpleasant. I am not that voice but only its interpreter in searching out the universal meaning of what’s going on behind the scenes of this deceptive world of failures and delusions where the truth is anywhere except in its reality; and what is really going ...
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A brave new world

I had been asked to attend a seminar. No pressure, I wasn't presenting, didn't need to make any speeches. Gail gave me the joining instructions as I left the office.  "See you Thursday" I said. "Yes see you Thursday I hope you enjoy the trip, I got you a nice B&B just like you asked" ...
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Summer’s Love.

Just trying out different layout ...
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Our reward

When we intermingle in each other's arms escaping cruel persecution and invalidation of the ignorance of narrow minds and wallow in our misery of poverty and outcast loneliness, our comfort is our joy and happiness of the illumination that we share together totally transcending all the bustle of the mob, reducing history to but a shred of junk lost in the desert, while we keep our universal paradise for ourselves of everlasting truth and sense ...
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Comfort Thoughts

Written some years ago after my father died ...
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Manchester Is United

They went to a concert unaware what lay ahead, and at the end of the night twenty one innocents are dead. They went to a concert excited and having fun, but evil creeped in forcing many to panic and run. They went to a concert young and care free, not knowing of the horror they were going to see. They went to a concert many for the first time, but an angry young man was ...
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Cold Chicken Sandwiches

Walking along the cliffs it all came back ...
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in between

  waves drumming  in time and space clouds roaring all over the stage their tones and sounds unmistakably same surround the ear-drums with dewiness  ... somewhere,  standing in between waves and clouds originality is ashamed makes it a point to invade minds, disconcerts those living in words yet borrowing freshness  from the dancing, inviting chanting beats in every mimicking moment of existence ...
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Pythagoras and Maisie. part two.

Warnings are given. Will anybody take any notice? ...
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