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Last Supper

Do you get squeamish? I hope your not eating your tea ...
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All kinds of love are good and right, and there are no exceptions. Highest, though, is the affinity of souls that has a quality of more than mortal standards, challenging the moon and stars and galaxies since it is universal in its faculty, which nothing can bring down to earth, although you find it in all kinds of earthal forms and languages, expressions, habits and results which all contribute to the continuity of love that ...
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Dual Life-Renewal

  one essential, one potential! A tribute to Freud's nebulous work "Beyond The Pleasure Principle" ...
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1st April: Fools Day ...
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Pissing in the Wind

just another rant...     Pissing in the Wind In that time when thoughts come and go, I dream of truths that never were. We slither towards a new dawn, singing songs of past glory, as the challis changes hands; between those who vie for position at the tables of the damned. Where insults fly like arrows from those who know no shame. We sit in darkness waiting for our time eating cake, singing ‘Land ...
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Civil Defence

this came from a topic set in my face-to-face writing group. The topic was 'Growing Old' ...
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Beamo’s Gold

A futuristic western novella I've been working on. An homage to Treasure of the Sierra Madre, Mackenna's Gold, Tom Sawyer, and the Dylan song All Along the Watch Tower ...
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The Clock.

The Clock is a prelude to a short story from 2004. The full story was published in 2007. This can be read as a stand alone piece. If there had been a Faction category it would have been posted there - it is a mixture of fact and fiction. Does anyone understand what is going on here? Some of you old-timers may have seen it before. No spoilers please ...
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MD’s Fall From Grace!

Ultimate denigration! ...
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What Astronauts Do in Their Spare Time

(A wee flash) Selina Hamilton was a desperate woman. Her red hair clung blackly to her face. The Houston humidity had never agreed with her and the excitement of the fight added extra moisture.      She’d decided. This was the only way to choose between Connor McCallum and Bobbee Hamilton. They’d both scored equally until that point, and it was impossible to decide. Bobbee, her husband or Connor, her younger lover. But now as the ...
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Persecuted by war – Heinrich Schütz

1585-1672, married for only six years, two daughters, all died during the thirty years' war holocaust, and only one small granddaughter survived of his family. His wife and daughters died, not able to withstand the press of war, that kept on executing his musicians and make music almost quite impossible in dins of thirty years of war. He kept escaping from his base in Dresden, like four hundred years much later the most tragic of ...
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The Cancer Diary (January and on)

Another chapter in my life with cancer ...
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Intro: Sample - opening chapter of my first novel...  ...
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Hours Not To Reason Why

Are you an hour up, or an hour down sort of person? ...
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She Will Return With a Flaming Torch

A different aspect on Spring's arrival if you suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder ...
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This was a challenge word a while back and, as ever, my muse decided to do her own thing, too late of course, but perhaps worth posting anyway ...
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You Are Already Dead!

Piece of flash literature (very short). Aimed at the young reader. A puzzle horror story. Be careful what you read! ...
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