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Desert wines and roses

You come to me in flashes of delight, and I adore you like a virgin spring in an oasis in Sahara. Let us not be overwhelmed, however, by our love of endless fields of wines and roses, but let us be sensible and handle it with care. I know you are so brittle as an old Venetian glass, and I will never touch you but with velvet gloves to only stroke you with the gentlest ...
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I see the planet as successfully overpopulated, with capitalism accelerating the mining of all wealth from the biosphere. In short, I think we're dying soon unless we change. Ezra Pound's Canto on usury gave me the Biblical rhythm for this poem. He was mad but dead serious. I'm half mad and a comic, but not about this. My best friend, an oilman in Australia, saw it as a Pope or Rabelais satire. It's not ...
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Unwavering light of love

The beauty of your soul transcends eternity, if you allow me this small understatement which, however well-aimed at the truth, still misses it by many light-years, since you simply are unmatchable and unattainable. The love you gave me by the beauty of your grace I never will abandon or give up but cultivate forever with affection, guard with piety and bless with passion, since it is the only life I have when you are absent ...
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The story of a bird

I am a free bird, a true bird Not an angry bird Hiding my age, Was born a year before In broad daylight My certificate lied in black and white. I am a free bird, a true bird Not a worried bird Hiding notes in the banks, Firing the hires here and there, To become rich and important On fast track, out of nowhere, Lying to the diseased on the ill effects Of pills I ...
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Spring Bride

I love that spring is here! ...
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Spring (at last)

An acrostic poem ...
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Posing For The Bulgarian

“Does Krasimir paint you in the nude?” ...
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Closure By Slideshow

  After attending a lecture where the destruction of Victorian London by experimental architects and ruthless property developers was patently exposed; our old house was included ...
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Last Summer in Clare

Slowly getting back to writing new stuff after months of editing - book being printed on Monday - this is a true (ish) account of an afternoon in Galway but names / places changed to protect the innocent  🙂 ...
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Reluctant Motherhood

another one not receiving a card! An oldie ...
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My problem with the American Dream is that it's stupid, selfish and it's only a dream ...
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After years of trials and betrayals The key issue is still burning Food, shelter, clothing – a scarcity Poor poorer, rich richer, an adamant reality Despite benevolent gestures Sweet-faced, intelligent stalwarts Kind-faced liars and rascals Double-faced backstabbers With spoilt, useless theories In their own little box Writing books On growth and development Getting accolades, making fortunes But under the same firmament The basic necessities Cleverly hidden with cowardly atrocities Science and technology grows Gadgets and ...
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Memories of wartime England. (with pictures)

Originally published on May 6, 2005 in Non-Fiction It is now over seventy years since the end of the war with Germany. I have decided to re-post this article. Some of you will remember those difficult times. Others will have seen films, read about, or been told tales about them. Up to my teens I cannot remember anything else but things relating to the war. Below are some of my memories. If you have read this ...
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The Snob – chapter 1

First chapter of a story about a young woman who makes a half-crazed bid for revenge against the arrogant, privileged boy who wrecks her life. “What a morning!” said staff nurse Rosemary Harvey as the ward doors swung shut behind her. “The shift from hell!”     Walking down the hospital corridor alongside her friend, auxiliary Janet Price nodded agreement. “Yea, it was hectic. What say we unwind with a glass of vino at that new wine bar ...
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Too Old to Party

When we're all asleep, it's party time. Another revision of an oldie - had fun writing this! ...
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The Resident Poet

A tale of everyday biker folk ...
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Genesis of a Disposition

primal behaviours imprint the strongest tendencies; not self-biographical ...
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Springtime Samba

An old one revised, written in huitain form ...
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At the Start of the Day

A teacher entertaining his pupils as well as unsuspecting others ...
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Wailing For Her Demon Lover

It was a miracle of rare device, A sunny pleasure dome with caves of ice!           Samuel Taylor Coleridge     Woman wailing for her demon lover, Not less than this the enterprise Every poet tries to ring from a holy instrument, Her body lowered from her stricken mind; The hailstorm of media’s ceaseless electronic bling Flashes in the rising notes,        Selfie’s drama of streaming fate, And on her dulcimer ...
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