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Comfort in the fall

What are you more than a fool if you see through the whole world but cannot see through yourself? What are you more than pathetic if you with all your experience still are affected by the smallest adversity? What are your tears but vain self pity, no matter what injustices you have been through and even made a constant victim of throughout your life? What is the comfort of the vanity of being you when ...
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Paradox with compromise

Are you lost when you have found the way, and are you at a turning point when you are lost? The darkness leads you to the light, while light will always end in darkness. Death is just a threshold into higher life, and life is just a course of vanity to death. In all this void of nothing without meaning, something must be there for life's sustainment. Is it then a god, a universal centre ...
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The Fall Guy

I, Guido Fawkes ...
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  from afar of course this blithe spirit thought me younger, or perhaps a missing puzzle-bit completing the image of her favoured age.. nevertheless… ...
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Mirror Man

A songwriters' site that I frequent had a challenge to write a creepy song for Halloween. These were my lyrics and the music was added by a lady named Vera. It's almost a POEM by ME(!).             There’s a man behind the mirror by the table in the hall Though the social worker tells me that he isn’t there at all But I’ve seen him in there staring and he ...
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Someone to love

You have to have someone to love, or life would be completely without meaning. That is obvious, of course, but having someone as your love has many meanings. It's not just loving, but it means an intimate, someone that you can always trust, someone who understands you and who shares your deepest darkness and despair as well as your delight. It's more a family relationship like between sister and a brother, while the sexual detail ...
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No prostitute

Sorry that I am no good for you, no money, no position, no means to spoil you, no driver's licence and no property but only failures, bankruptcies, defeats, adversities and trials is what I can offer; and I am afraid I am not even good for company, just working boring hard all of the time, no time at home, no time for sex, no luxuries, no banquets, nothing special and no evenings out, just humdrum ...
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The malady

A tonsured garden, a deforested place; in the desert, an oasis still tolerates the sun heat is reining in every life, there is no space for anything other than sunshine. Such kindness of light that burns the impulse of every kind is the cruelest thing that needs to be deserted. But every being there has forgotten the art of leaving it is looked upon as deceitful… fearful of criticism, the remaining ones are condemned to ...
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For Kenny Knight, one of Plymouth’s finest.

You may not know this poet, maybe you should. I have been lacking inspiration of late, after reading Kenny I may have it back ...
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Monopoly Ten million ways ― you lead the dazzling fate. Engaging the glamorous feeling overshadowing failing white policies. What matters most, is the fun, along the sun. Moon has no place. But you have this craze that you will say and you will stay. You have managed to scare the world, which is chasing the eagle because you told in your convincing speech that the bird has fled with its eyes poor world cannot see ...
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Autumn Secrets.

******* ...
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Islands in the flood

Is that the fate of knowledge, good experience and acquired wisdom, to, the more it is developed and enriched, become the less appreciated and more inaccessible and isolated as an outcast island of some rarity, uniqueness and exclusiveness forgotten and ignored, alone in this mad flood of media rubbish drowning the whole world in brainwash, this derailed civilization of pollution, self-destructive greed, unnaturalness and the meaningless obsession with superficiality? The prophets sticking to the truth ...
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Time Falls Cold.

I woke up with this in my head. It's personal, think emotion rather than nature ...
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Beyond the lychgate

reading the name of someone known ...
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“On Glimpsing Suzie”

Random thoughts occasioned by seeing a former girlfriend (whom I did not recognise at first) and letting the flock of thoughts fly loose. I told her I've written it - I don't think she's seen it - I might 'go dark' for some time till I recuperate  🙂 ...
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Comings and Goings

200 words. First posted on ...
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Lamartine’s Umbrella

This begins with a real event ...
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Our world

Ours is a world of beauty so much finer than the ordinary world of strife, vulgarity and commonness, of egoism, shortsightedness and vanity, while ours lasts forever gilded by the harmony of unsurpassed nobility of the refinement and idealism of abstract truth as found by geniuses like Handel, Beethoven, Chopin and Brahms, a higher world of thought than any brutal realism, and actually a truer world than any real one. Since we know the key ...
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The shadows of your past

They tend to be a hangover like some ghosts that never leave you quite in peace but torture you by awkward memories of how everything went wrong by no one's fault and least of all your own, but still you can feel guilt for your own misadventures; but these hangovers of unsettling experiences are in fact your greatest assets, insights into darkness is clairvoyance, knowledge of anatomy of tragedy is wisdom, and you always rise ...
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