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Heirs Apparent

Great expectations ...
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The Ghost of Christmas

   If you want to be cheered up...avoid like the plague.   ...
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a daft idea

In can't write a Limerick,so I shall be quick,by doing worse,writing a daft verse ...
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There is no one braver or more stalwart and intrepid than a Sherpa or a Gurkha, sticking to the end in faithfulness, agility and bravery, a mountain people with incredible potentials and one of the poorest countries in the world, torn asunder by a fatal civil war of ten long years because of foreign powers intervening, arming terrorists and anarchists with weapons to be able to impose dictatorship themselves. But Nepal is and always was ...
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Bleak Midwinter

A faithful record of one of my flights of fancy ...
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To Name Or Be Named

What power in our words, so oft used with careless ease, Gives difference a claim between the birds and the bees, Make of one man, fame, Another, blame, When they act for want of what they please? -Grandpa Ernie Burncock Shywolf ...
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Love simplicity

When the cold attacks you savagely with deep freeze, let your love get warm and warm you up. When dampness and humidity strikes deep with roughness in your limbs, let sunshine love with comfort dry you up. When darkness looms assailing you increasingly and overwhelmingly in winter days, let love loose in your soul to light you up. When your love is away on distant journeys and adventures and you never know if you at ...
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Sailors - you can't beat them ...
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The Queue

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After 65 Decembers

That final unsurmountable hurdle ...
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Home for Christmas

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Sons of The Morning

Because it's Advent ...
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Stuck in love

What's better and what's worse - the nightmare of uncertainty or the force of jealousy? When the communication lines don't work and you are left like on a desert island in a void, the nightmares of uncertainty and jealousy pursuing you and haunting you and hunting you to death each night, not knowing what your love is doing in whose arms, while all that you can do yourself is wallowing in self-torment, like in the ...
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You sound silly

I was trying to read your face, It looked different With its texture, color I was taken aback to see That you smile and weep For the same reasons. I was trying to read your text. With same words and expressions That you have learned in classrooms Perhaps, You construct an apple I’d call an orange The fruit of your labor Has some kind of strange Sweetness, But loses out on what I call clarity ...
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Life consists of humiliations. When you are born you are beaten into crying, everyone is free to manhandle you throughout your childhood, as a maiden you must be violated either by rape or hardcore education, and then you are ready to be victimised by any man. There is no way out of it except by death, and your only hope and liberation in this godless world is your demolishment in darkness by the dark lord, ...
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When summer comes ...
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Cleansing the Temple

A reworked piece, meant for performance.  I only hope it comes across as a short story,,, ...
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West Side Story

Snapshot of a scene from the eponymus musical show. (From my poetry collection "Reflections") ...
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Thank God for feminism

Just don't let it put you down, that squeamish scrupulous meticulousness appertaining to the oversensitivity of female delicacy leading to the pettiest of pedantry. Forget all that and look to beauty, disregard the coarse uncouthness of the masculine barbarity and let it be replaced by all the virtues of true femininity, the modesty and delicacy of consideration and the touch of suaveness in the magic of the sieve of lovable romanticism, that alone makes life ...
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The Man Who Invented Women

Roaming my back catalogue .. this is from 2009 ...
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