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I found this during my reworking spree - it may not long survive ...
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High up in the sky

A vulture, an eagle flies high, very high but their eyes hang down and lie on corpses, cadavers, insects, they come into the smallest little space, from the top, they intrude into the domain of their prey. Like an eagle I wish to fly let my starving wings and eyes enjoy the sky ...
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The Tower King

A song based on a previous poem called Towers Above The Clouds: the tall office towers in LA often seem to be huge galleons of Mammon sailing above the smogs that choke the proles below. The new music video is at the end of the piece.   THE TOWER KING Naked you arrive Into the troubles of this world And as the hourglass turns Then naked you return As the clicking of her high heels ...
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Suckers All

Entered for the New Prose Challenge ...
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Towers Above The Clouds

Inspired by the towers rising up out of the LA fogs.   Towers Above the Clouds To the drum of Mammon vertical galley crews dip their small white oars in lattes. Water-cooler sirens sing to the whip-crack of sales their Dow-bows parting Math's Sargasso Seas. The mail-boy drools in the I.T. pools where wage-slaves sway in the scan-thralls of Xerox. Peer pressure sores false grapple smiles tight-cut lass sheathes tic-tac-toe stilettos taut hawser ties in ...
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How I picture thoughts ...
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As Long

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Harassed all my life and persecuted for my beauty, have I no right then to protect it? Resignation and retreat is urged as a necessity, as if never being seen was your condition of existence; but it is not your body only that needs measures of protection. We live in a robotic brainwash age where everything goes automatic against which there's nothing to protect you: it will importune you everywhere with cold insensitive intrusion, making ...
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Dead facts in living fiction

Stories are imaginations from facts, facts derived from stories. The link never dies. Form of life lies in facts and fictions through croaking words, memories travel like a nomad on the lost-and-found stage, the dais collapses in the oceans of habits, more of same habits and surfaces again with a hope to be written down and trapped afresh, as if new, in the books whose pages flutter like a calendar, the sole object that the ...
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In Queen Square, London

  A revised poem ...
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The stampede

Stampede values submerged in the centre-ville. The sun was shining up walls are full of nice graffiti, beautiful, aesthetic words garnish them. Onlookers come and read, to pay respect. The content is on the modern discourse running on the stage; peace, disarmament, global warming throw up as oeuvres of firsthand painters and writers, while off the stage, on the real dais it’s about striking the iron when it’s hot like the smiling star up there ...
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“I Hate the Bastard”

this is an ever changing expanding performance piece - it opens quite mellow and then I explode in venom and rage - nobody escapes the excoriation - people love it when I jump up and down enraged and ask is it about so and so?  My reply? It's about whoever you think it's about. Not great poetry but great fun  🙂 ...
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A burnt-out case

Being new here, I am afraid I have written far too many poems before, and that there will be more... You can do nothing, paralyzed by unfair meanness, surreptitiously stabbed in the back by foul play and destructive baseness, maybe envy or just ignorant intolerance, as man's stupidity has always been incurable, and you are trampled down into some non-existence as if you had never walked on earth and never was entitled to the rights of ...
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Marriage: Emotional Infrastructure Of Society?

Marriage binds the human relations in its most intimate manner. However, the survival of marriage as an institution has been threatened from time to time by various socio-political and economic transitions (Feminism, Individualism, co-habitation culture etc.) across the globe; nevertheless, it survived every time because humans find deep emotional security in a relationship. And, a long-term human relationship can only be guaranteed by a legal, social contract between two adult individuals that's called marriage. That's ...
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The Royal Road

This is my response to my own prompt in the Prose Challenge forum: an attempted seduction. It can be either successful or unsuccessful ...
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Liberation or death

paraphrasing O.Henry Either it's a free web or it's not. If it's not, it's not for me. It's a question of principle. The web was made to be free, free of charge and thus available to everyone, but if there's censorship and charges, if you get locked out of accounts you yourself created, if there is intimidation and bullying, like malicious reporting just to make a nuisance, if you are intellectually silenced, as all dictators ...
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Barren Reach

A wee poem  Lying between the margin and the salt-rime, A gather of clouds, marbled grey. Here history was wrought, The will of man played out,  Each step a turning point. And now? What does this barren reach expect? A restful peace – a century of sleep before it’s done?   ...
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The silent sounds in between

Poor power Power is poor when you want importance, prominence by highlighting your visible possessions, positions, your focus is on the other, their looks and their voices. When you show how you are lost in your  flesh-bone identity traps and threats, how worried and stressed you are safeguarding your stance, how you have to work to win, make things happen for you at the cost of those others whose looks and voices haunt you. Pure ...
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New Prose challenge:

An attempted seduction ...
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Peas on a Plate

I sat there oh so desperate, pushing peas around my plate While she destroyed and deconstructed me with endless words of hate And I realize now it was just the start, of what would become a broken heart That has stayed throughout my life and shapes what’s left of me Once I made her heart beat faster, but that love turned into disaster Did she find the grass as green as what she thought? Now ...
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