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Ben and Tillie

Ben and Tillie lived haphazardly In the cellar of tinned-up twenty-three. I passed on their post occasionally, The stench of boiled cabbage, Tobacco smoke, raw poverty Snaking out the letterbox Turned my stomach, gagging me. Every night, by candlelight, Tillie tended marigolds in plastic pots, Bluebells and hollyhocks filled window boxes, Belfast sinks, gumboots… Anything would do. Ben smoked a lot, He coughed a lot - Did very little else. He had once had a ...
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The disastrous love life of Tchaikovsky

The wife, to start with, proved impossible by being of all wives the most disastrous possible, and after the traumatical divorce, including his own suicidal effort, a disastrous failure even that, she had a number of promiscuous lovers and had children with them all but cared for none of them, disposing of them into orphanages. He was saved by that wise lady Frau von Meck, who graciously provided him with a life pension, which allowed ...
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May 8th 1945

A revision from my original book for the next one ...
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How Does Your Garden Grow (Poetry Challenge)

There are plants that love the light whilst others thrive in the shade ...
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Uncle Lev

The lesson of one life ...
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The most romantic hero – the curse of Manfred

The curse of Manfred was not one but many. Grieving desperately over his deceased love, whose death he might have caused, – but we shall never know it, nor did he ever know for sure himself, – he went up high into the mountains where he met his fate, a witch, who cursed him with insomnia forever and to age most bitterly and prematurely to at best die old already as a young man. Devils ...
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Tying up ourselves into a knot of indissoluble and perfect love like under laws of voluntary tyranny, committed hopelessly to never let each other go, is not a bondage of encumberment and obligation but more like the utmost duty free proceedings from the pangs of hard bound, energetic love to perfect liberation and release of freedom. There is but one question that remains: Can we love each other more than this? Is there a possibility ...
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They call him Alcopop!

Intro: up to 50 words (delete this text and enter your own) Thoughts shared from people I know that have been affected by alcoholism, ...
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Can Frogs Sit On Toadstools?

  Only if you do what Mummy says! Established religion underpins psychotic thinking, but, without it, the indoctrinated would be regarded as insane ...
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S and M

A poem about love ...
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Bags of Bones

An old couple I saw at a market ...
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Short Intro: up to 4 words ( if you delete this text and enter your own, if you don't then it will be precisely up to 23) ...
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We All Dream Alone ( The Book)

The cancer diary is now published, this is the link if your interested ...
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My love

With risk to constantly repeat myself I ask you once again most beggarly to hide in your delightful custody, escaping from this sordid tardy world into your love of endless comfort, seeking my protection in the jungle of your hair, the supreme relief from any anguish and the only love for me that lasts. Although our love is utterly impossible, forbidden socially and exiled to extremes, it is the only love for me and so ...
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Franz Liszt – he fucked them all

A handsome man and brilliant pianist, who no Parisian lady could resist, and thus his entire career was mainly executed between sheets. Alas, they were an endless lot, the mistress of king Louis of Bavaria, that notorious dancer Lola Montez, poor Marie d'Agoult, with whom he had three children, which he never cared for much, so two of them were lost and died, while only Cosima, his daughter, lived to be the second wife of ...
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Fait Accompli

or the captivating nature of romantic love! ...
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Rossini’s love

continuing the composers' chronicle of debatable love affairs... the fatal tragedy of Gioacchino Rossini He only had one single love, and nothing could replace it. He was married, but his marriage never mattered much. The devastating fact of what his love was ruined him, when suddenly he lost it, which so annihilated him, that he fell silent for decades, just sulking, seeking comfort in his cooking, and he never quite recovered, although he was wealthiest ...
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My love is still beyond the clouds in hiding for her comfort undisturbed by vanity immersed in dreams of beauty well protected by idealism, but far away and beyond reach. How shall I reach her? If the gentle touch of tender dreams are not enough to wake her up, the only method left is yearning, and if you yearn sincerely enough, no love in all the world can fail to hear and answer that most ...
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Home Home Silhouettes revealed in the stark moonlight Ancient ruins heavy with memories from a different life Haunted halls and corridors where once you had walked your dark night Endless, or so you thought, an existence of bitterness, ridden with strife Crafted beauty its architectural splendour fallen into decay Its heartrending voice a piercing melody, an echoing sorrow The fortress reveals its face once again with the failing of day Tears mingle with the pelting ...
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