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The Grove

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Seeing In Sepia

grandma lived to ninety-four ...
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All Day Breakfast

Another one written in response to a prompt from my face-to-face creative writing group. The task was to write a story in which these three words occur: bingo, Sam, eggs. This was written at one sitting and not really looked at again. Comment and feedback very welcome ...
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Celtic Boy

My grandad used to say I'd had more men than he'd had hot dinners... ;^) ...
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Losing sight

Whispering winds Pushing me away Winsome webs Through window gates Trespassers In the bedroom Without a ringing bell Face glows at night In the light of your cell Wailing waves Brushing me aside Calendar hangs on the wall Reminding me of dates D-days Blind space Brown memories Losing sight Wandering words Not sure if it has affected the West, but it's really amazing to see how many couples in my country are changing/losing/choosing partners because ...
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Their Bathroom

(Have snipped a little) ...
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A friend in need

Dark moist night thunders Lady returns home alone Lightning befriends her ...
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A Doting Poetess

To Charles Dickens ...
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For Whom The Heart Tolls?

The finite rhythm of the heart ...
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The Distance

The third of five new pieces I've written after a lengthy hiatus. Please feel free to be brutal with the critique.  ...
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The unstoppable

Child serving tea at the beach takes the empty cups from visitors, tourists. Then an angelic smile diviner than divine runs behind a spider there, there, there ouf…noh…it goes into its hole. the child smiles a very wise one now knows it can never catch but unrestrained fun is being on the run, thinks of home, the village from where, the little worker was brought as a visitor, then, maybe bought preordained folklore unpreventable onslaught ...
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In Quieter Moments

the lives of the absent can be revived ...
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Summer Rain.

Trees hang... Wet drapes drawing shade across the day, the air still, heavy with tears, woven from the night ...
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Belfast Boy

Inspired by a visit to Belfast recently, the first time was in the early 80s. My attempt at a kind of song ...
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Email to A reader, CC Anyone.

caution: incoherent reading material ...
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Pythagoras and Maisie. Final part.

Slowly a small circular capsule took shape in front of them ...
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In the light of our love

I always saw you in a light of lasting quality and durability of an idealism that would not fade, and it is shining still. You never lost the beauty of your brave ideals, and thus you went through all the hells of life unharmed, untarnished and untouched. We are like children still like as we were originally when my love first touched you in the blend of our naïvety of immaturity to never leave you ...
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A definition of magic

an old poem Magic is what is not seen but the more real, it's realism that is not real. it's dreams that are too true not to be real although they are not real, it's materialization of the impossible, it's the reversal of the obvious, it's the illusion of a fake reality which proves more real than any real reality, it is the truest love that never is found out but always ends up in ...
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Intro: up to 50 words (delete this text and enter your own) ...
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