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Panning for Gold

Most of my energy lately has been going into song lyrics rather than stories. As a result of asking for people to help with my stage musical project I've got to know a lot of folk singers and country singers, and this is one I wrote for Susan Fidler and her friends, all first class country music musicians. It's a classic 'traditional country' number. Vocals: Susan Fidler Guitar & harmonica: Domagoj Magash Violin: Ben Owen ...
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Words are not enough

Words can not express our love, and love itself is not enough expression for the feelings that encompass all the world we live in of ourselves and that celestial harmony that emanates from our reunion. We can never separate again but must remain one unity together in unbreakable fulfilment never more to be disturbed in this extradimensional and perfect harmony creating peace enough convincing, stable and magnificent to outlast all the universe ...
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The dead never rest

To think that you can just forget them or ignore them is a self-deceit and a delusion, since you never will get rid of them, they never rest but will go on forever just like you when you are dead, remaining a reminder for all life and all who knew them, that they know you and will never stop persisiting in their earnestness insisting on their life, which is why you had better pay attention ...
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An old pair of linked poems, sorry. Got nothing new. Still downsizing ...
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A Girl Who Gets Around

We have a new member (Francescarights) who like me writes song lyrics. I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours. This is part of a stage musical set in Belfast in the 1960s and early 70s. The girl is a 'camp follower' of the same kind that has existed since Roman times and long before. She is truly and sincerely neutral between the warring armies and highly astute. It's a chance to test the ...
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Too Late, Now, Too Late.

Just a tanka format ...
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The lightness of light and the light of lightness

The soft touch of ideal creativity must be as light as light itself and hardly even touching, never pressing, beating or enforcing but just letting it come true alighting from all heaviness in constantly increasing speed of thought and new inventions carried down from universal influence to settle down in lasting works of art. The touch is all and hardly more than just a touch, enough to make a contact, just enough to make a ...
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A Wolf In Sheeps Clothing

Inspired to write this after watching a programme on serial killers on the T.V. All of them appeared "normal" but were monsters and ruthless killers.  ...
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Royston Heath.

I first published this piece in 2016,(See UK archives).This is an edited version with the last verse added.This is now a final version, and  what I hope to be  the story of a temporary  interruption to a very special relationship ...
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Le Pont Des Arts

Just a tanka format ...
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The long Trek, (Part two)

After the initial diagnosis following the endoscopy I was sent back to my GP with a letter. The following morning I had an appointment with my General Practitioner.I handed over the letter which he read,and which seemed to shock him.He arranged for me to be fast tracked to the District Hospital,and and generally tried to reassure me as much as he could. Time passed very slowly,and our anxiety persisted.On the appointed day,two weeks later,I was ...
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The ring of truth ...
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The Tutor’s Advice

from a play "Take good care of these your priceless younger years, and be aware that there is no more positive insurance of a good and honourable life than careful education. History consists of knowledge, knowledge is but wisdom, wisdom is the end result and aim of every kind of education, and that’s why all history is the consummate knowledge, being simply human realistic facts in perfect concentration and in limitless abundance." ...
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Death on the Road

Inspired by a conversation with Mikeverdi, in Roscoff.  We spoke of the importance of always having a sense of direction, even in the Last Days ...
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Fruitful tears

Is sorrow, then, the only thing that lasts, that always keeps returning, dressing you consistently in mourning in the warmest but the dreariest clothes, all black, engulfing you in darkness in the everlasting tears that keep supporting, nourishing, enriching and sustaining mother earth, all life, the oceans by the crying rains, which we could never do without and always need, no matter how uncomfortably sorrowful they are. Yes, sorrow always will be there, but not ...
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or, knowing thy true self ...
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Suicidal satanism

I had nowhere else to go as I was ruined by injustice and let down by those I most depended on. There was no mercy in the bringing on of holocausts galore against my life and freedom, so I should have let myself be murdered and have done with all the falseness of humanity; but I was left alive and forced to grim survival, nothing more remaining than the last resort of darkness and its ...
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On Exits, Cycles and Cosmic Connection. Reflections on loss. Dawn and dusk have melted into one. A loving mist of communion. The heart opens and connects in symbiotic symphony. Twilight heralds first light, more swiftly than before. Fast-forwards the dark hours. My bare feet greet the grass in gratitude. Knowing that which seems lost can never be. A dew-soaked remembrance... A loving entwinement beyond space and time.   To love is a Holy Estate that ...
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A Dissident on Death Row.

Liu Xiaobo died recently - this poem is not about him - there are hundreds of thousands suffering similarly - but seeing his picture inspired this ...
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The controversial course of history has never been more difficult to follow, civilization going down the drain bogged down in drug abuse, exaggerated medication as the universal cure which only is an excuse for abuse and an illusion, turning humankind to zombies, dumbed, reduced to passive zeros so as to be handled with less difficulty by establishment authorities, the only ones to gain from common idiocy and ignorance. What shall we do, the "happy" few, ...
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