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On the Beach

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Suspension of Belief

A whimsical piece ...
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Bottles, Bones, and Broken Roots

deep feelings only thrive on a firm foundation - recent, part faction, part fiction ...
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Being with the moon

My mind is brimming with moon tonight A moaning I sense, without reason Its light, like a soft cotton pin Enters, surrounds me A faint tune With many brown leaves, falls I am placed, flat on the muddy welcoming seat The mourning plays, without meaning A mesmerizing rhythm echoes in my beating heart, I wonder if she’s with me Meandering around, in delight Perhaps this, I felt before, my body is lying I cannot lift ...
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Sweet Dreams

A dream can seem so real 🙂 ...
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The Japanese Garden

Originally published on January 16, 2006 in Poetry  ...
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It’s a Dog’s Life

This is one of the first things I ever wrote, can't remember the inspiration (probably an ex), but I'm fond of it 🙂 Perhaps Johnson's disaster at the G7 brought it all back, eh? ...
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The Return of Mrs Brown

I once read an article about a woman who entered 100 competitions a week, and had accumulated 30,000 quid in prizes. Reminded me on one of my tales, so I thought I'd resurrect it. Old, I know, but then so am I ...
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All my stories lately seem to begin as prompts chosen by my face-to-face creative writing group. The prompt this time was 'self delusion' ...
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The Snob – chapter 2

continuing the story of the vendetta between a spirited young woman and an arrogant overprivileged youth ...
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Wilderness Way

Analogous, but a real walk too - first year I won't be going, conceding to my limits! I could still do the walk - it's the recovery time afterwards...! ...
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The Cockney Wife

Nobody I know - honestly ...
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The Onyx Ashtray

It was 1966 when we bought the small green onyx ashtray in Woolworths, Mexico City. It depicted a hunched gaucho sleeping beneath his sombrero. Unfortunately the other day it fell on the floor and it broke. It had stood on the windowsill to remind me I used to smoke which I believed to be macho. It also brought back memories of the exotic places we visited, newlyweds on our honeymoon, in the land of Aztecs ...
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Not quite sugar and spice ans all things nice ...
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The Docket

A tale about horse racing ...
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Dissecting the human brain – (mine).

I have resurrected this, with some alterations. WARNING! Not for those with a weak constitution—surgery involved.  Well–What would you find? You will notice this is posted under fiction - it should be faction ...
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Burying the past

Burying the past He was staring into my eyes. “The past is the past, we don’t live there anymore. It needs to be buried….let it go; we need to move on” “Indeed” I replied…as I pulled the trigger. Even with the suppresser, the noise of the shot sounded loud. The shock on his face as the bullet hit him in the chest; he thought he had reached me. I stepped forwards as he fell back, ...
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When Ernie took Gertrude to wife he had the notion 'twas for life, but didn't bank on all the strife a spouse could often be. She didn't understand it seems his lust for love ('In yer dreams!') what sausages and bacon means and kippers for his tea. So after fifteen years of this he'd had enough of wedded bliss and found himself locked in a kiss with next door neighbour Lee. Lee was masterful, with ...
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To AnaĂŻs – A Lover I Met On The Way

I had a dream I had friends who dreamed I had dreams that showed me my dream I had an insistence I had to obey. You must slip off the velvet chains You must loose your questor spirit You must unlock the magick You must discover the hidden path or You must suffocate. What is?  Who is?  Where is? What is the time? What is the date? What is this place? What is the purpose? I bade goodbye ...
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