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I hope this makes some kind of sense, or maybe it's just my sense of humour.  ...
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The Terrorist

From Two Years Ago...nothings changed ...
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Enigma. (a post election poem)

Well now we know how things have gone, how significant might this poem be? ...
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The last day’s in May

He swapped the car in Phoenix with a screwdriver and a twist of spark, used a wad of money like a maxi-pad over a deep red bullet wound that oozed pink saline every time he moved. She was probably with someone else. He had no right to be heading her way, the cool desert air made him feel drowsy as the Buick's soft ride drifted from the road. He could smell the creosote after rain, ...
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The art of second sight

You will need some experience to see through the surfaces of lies, deceits and everything that fakes reality which never is what it is meant to be and what it seems; but you’ll need to crush the ocean to uncover what’s beneath, which is a universe of darkness and of truth, the actual reality always hiding underground, and you will never get through with it, as one aperture to an abyss will reveal and open ...
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Too much love for Mendelssohn

Everybody loved him, and he was fortunate indeed, coming from a banker's family of many children and abundances of love, the most important being of his sister Fanny, who, according to himself, was even more talented than himself in musicality as a composer – that could be debated, but he certainly relied on her as his best friend and only understanding one. His wife, a mother of five lovely children, was not very musical and ...
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The Actress

She's the professional in a community theatre in Tel Aviv but is her talent worth her behaviour? An Amusement ...
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William Re-Shakespeared

In the Shakespearean style, introducing a play I directed. (Slightly bawdy - be warned) ...
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The dying heart

They say, that love is at its most extreme and beautiful, when it is dying, and of course it is. The swan, the loveliest of birds, sings only once in life when dying, or so they say at least, and it's a beautiful portrayal, if not of reality, at least of love. The culmination of a love affair is usually the end of it, since what then follows is depression, usually, remorse, perhaps, and melancholy, ...
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About A Motorway

Not a good title but better than 'Untitled' -  A bit of romanticism ...
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A Close Shave

On a hot tin roof ...
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Bird Fly Away

some of this is true ...
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Leave me out from the mortality of your barbarity, humanity, committed hopelessly to ignorance, preferring noise to music, violence and sexual abuse to love, the pursuit of vulgarity and wallowing therein instead of finding peace in nature, which you rather irresponsibly pollute and poison than take care of and enjoy; but I don't judge you or condemn you but condemn myself instead to constant alienation from you all in an eternity of exile in myself ...
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My beauty isn’t the valuable commodity it once was, I’ve gone to off-the-rack from haute couture. You can exchange me for the latest fashion, but you will always feel the weight of my laughter freshly pressed against your chest late at night.  You’ll remember when even silence was comfortable and light—the way a smile could bury our sin. There’s a receipt here which itemizes the price of an innocence you misunderstood. Kept to remind me ...
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Polly Purdo. (Faction)

(One of the hardest things for Polly was that she was about to be married - She was not allowed to contact her boyfriend.) ...
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The God Placebo

Intro: up to 50 words (delete this text and enter your own) ...
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Schubert’s terrible love

It wasn't his fault. His friend von Schober made him do it. They lived together, and of course there was some tension and excitement, so he took him on to have some fun. It was so innocent, so fatally infernally and tragically innocent. The whore he took him to had syphilis, which wasn't obvious until afterwards but then so much the more. It ruined Schubert's life, just in the middle of his greatest symphony, the ...
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