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Fried Egg Sandwich

Canary yellow oozes through holes on white or Hovis brown onto sticky fingers and buttered lips providing a taste of purest luxury. A feast to fill a cavernous gap, induced by liquid nights in the Rose and Crown or Lebanese Gold munchies A reminder to those who made it good through hard work, study and beguiling words – the good life is no match for real-life gourmet food which transports  your memory to the pleasures ...
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The Mystery Man

Follow on from the Marmite Man ...
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A Brief Encounter.

An account of a very strange occurrence. I picked up the phone to be informed that my late wife's wedding ring was now ready for collection.It had been re-sized to fit my finger.I was going to keep my promise to wear it . When I looked out of the window I could see that it was going to be another one of  those wet, windy days,and I decided to leave the visit to the Jewell ...
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She looks at me Like there’s nothing else to see So longingly Yet pensively As if she doesn’t know what to expect from me. That road is a broken thing A song I no longer sing I’ve walked it many times With my back to the sound of struck chimes. I suggest you stay away from me That song is now part of a litany  But for the contradiction of my dreams I’ll never find ...
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How The Ghosts of Them Cling

I caught sight of  a young woman with pink hair, grey / blonde at the roots, pushing a baby buggy. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ With hair, electric red at the tips, fading through dirty blonde to mouse at the scalp, Ammonia Nitrate – as she once was, who sang in the Sisters of Lethargy, wearing fishnet tights, and slit leather skirts - no knickers, while guys with gorilla snot purple mohawks nostril chains and safety pin ears flegged ...
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We all experience 'hiraeth' without knowing the word itself ...
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Remember Me?

In memory of my late wife ...
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Keelby Church Scene

The title is self explanatory - it is written to a tanka syllable structure ...
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From the revised book - with the printer - too late for edits 🙁 Ho hum ...
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Never let it cease to grow, the beauty of this wealth of yours, this comfort of your richness, this abundance of your generosity and possibility of limitless expansion, the symbol and manifestation of our perfect love, this splendour of your natural and sparkling life, this gorgeous mass of millions of your brilliant effervescent hair, that keeps me bound in admiration and intoxicated by your beauty, dumbfounded and aghast, completely fallen down in total weakness to ...
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I haven't had the heart to write these last few weeks due to the loss of my dog. Living alone he was my constant companion, my reason to look forward to the next day. Untill I can find my way again I will post some you may have seen before for which I apologise but I do want to lend my support to the group ...
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All at sea

The labyrinth of our love is without end, and the entrance is long since gone, there never was a way back, only forwards to an unknown destination, and it is constantly more difficult to find our way and any orientation. It's the endless sea where all the coasts have long since disappeared, and we are sailing freely and at random with our eye glued to a visible and yet invisible horizon, and the only certain ...
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Wagner’s scandals

From a human point of view, his life was only scandals. As a politic activist, he just about made enemies with everyone. His marriage was a failure, so the only thing he did in it was to deceive her, looking constantly for other women, choosing only married ones, as if they were the only proper challenge. Thus he tried assiduously and desperately with Mathilde Wesendonck and wrote the whole of "Tristan" in the process, but ...
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Let’s Go

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Sometimes I wonder if you really are material, my most beloved, too good to be true and truer still than all reality, transcending all the possibilities of the remotest fantasy exceeding all imagination. Most amazing of it all is that it seems I cannot lose you, that I found you to remain within you like I never can get rid of you. Our love is constantly expanding; so let's just allow it to continue growing ...
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Sorts of Freedom

Last ditch revision - in the printer's this morning - slum clearance ain't all it's cracked up to be ...
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The human soul

Never let me turn to dust, to any solid matter, nor must anyone with spirits born to soar. The flame of creativity can never be defined nor earthed, the body instruments of sensual perception is a language of misunderstandings, while the feelings only tell the truth. So never make me solid, never try to pin me down by making me definable, for I will but defy all definition being what I am, a soul that ...
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Dismal Claque

Just about 100 percent autobiographical  - it's a revised version for my book's 2nd edn ...
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At the end of Ursa Tertius, I kept asking myself, "What happened next?" ...
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